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Diane MOON

Year of Award: 2002.1 Award State: Queensland Arts - Visual > Indigenous
To further my study and the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island fibre art - Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA

Diane Moon’s 2002 Churchill Fellowship took her from Queensland to study Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander material and cultural collections in 16 museums in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. She focused on basketry and fibre art. Diane also visited ethnographic and art museums to gain insight into contemporary gallery design and explore the integration of antiquities and fine art, a practice more developed overseas than in Australia at the time.

Diane writes in her report about the results of her trip: ‘My major insight relates to the collections and how, despite often having been made in earlier times in unfortunate circumstances, they continue to connect people across the globe who care for and study them.’

Diane disseminated her findings through presentations at museums, by adding to the documentation of Australian museum collections, and by sharing her discoveries with Aboriginal artists as well as curating exhibitions that celebrate the continuing creativity of Australia’s Indigenous artists.

Excerpt from “Inspiring Australians” written by Penny Hanley (2015)

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