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Year of Award: 2011 Award State: National Agriculture > Meat And Dairy
To implement the introduction of a dairy goat cottage industry on Norfolk Island - Australia

Norfolk Island, 1,000 miles from the coast of Australia, has a population of 1,800. Tourism is its main industry. For Emily Ryves, Norfolk Island is ‘not only my home, but my passion … a unique little gem in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean’.

Emily believes that Norfolk Island, already possessing beautiful beaches, picturesque walks and stunning scenery, would make an ideal gourmet tourist destination. During her 2011 Churchill Fellowship, Emily visited gourmet tourist places in Australia, such as Victoria’s Yarra Valley, and was inspired to adapt some ideas to her island home.

Goat milk is more easily digested than cow’s milk. Emily’s Fellowship enabled her to travel to Australia to explore the introduction of a dairy goat industry on Norfolk Island. She aimed to produce a high quality farmhouse cheese made from goats’ milk to offer as part of a gourmet treat for tourists.

Emily summed up in her report: ‘A vital lesson learnt during my travels is that the process of building my dairy is going to be a long, hard and expensive road. However, I am more determined than ever now that I have the knowledge to begin the process. I have a very exciting time ahead and I thank the Trust for providing me with the first stepping-stone of my journey.’

Excerpt from “Inspiring Australians” written by Penny Hanley (2015)

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