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Priscilla Brice-Weller (now Brice)

Year of Award: 2013 Award State: New South Wales Business > Not-For-Profit
To research the factors which make non-profit racism prevention initiatives effective - Poland, Belgium, France, UK, USA

This Churchill Fellowship was awarded to Priscilla Brice who is the Managing Director of All Together Now, the only national charity in Australia dedicated to racial equality (

The aim of this Fellowship is to research the factors that make not-for-profit racism prevention initiatives effective. To undertake this research, Priscilla travelled to Montgomery and New York City in the United States, followed by London, Newcastle, Warsaw, Paris, Antwerp and Brussels in Europe. Priscilla followed this with some informal meetings in Stockholm.

One of the most notable findings was the extent to which the socio-political will to address racism in a country affects the success of antiracism activities in that country. Socio-political will impacts on the number and type of funding options available, the types of actions that not-for-profit organisations choose to take, and the way in which the media reports on racism and its manifestations.

The affect of socio-political will is most obvious when comparing racial justice activities in the USA with those in Europe and Australia. The USA has a long history of consistent, well-funded racial justice programs and research that has lead to a very evolved approach to antiracism focusing on long-term solutions. This is not the case in Australia.

There are some very effective initiatives and common tactics to be found on both sides of the North Atlantic that Australia can learn from. Of highest importance is having a sustained and long-term commitment to achieving racial equality by working in cross-sector partnerships to create practical solutions that are evidence-based.

The work of the Southern Poverty Law Center and Race Forward in the USA, Rewind and Show Racism The Red Card in England, and Nigdy Wiecej in Poland are outstanding examples of organisations working in this manner. However, inspiration was found within every one of the organsiations visited during this research, especially the smaller organisations that rely heavily on volunteers.

This report contains recommendations to All Together Now’s board based on these learnings. The recommendations – should they be approved – will improve All Together Now’s approach to racism prevention. Recommendations include providing training for teachers and front-line workers, providing training for activists and other volunteers, supporting governmental bodies by encouraging individuals and organisations to report racially-motivated incidences, and continuing to reduce recruitment by white supremacists.

Journalists can help to support this long-term work by focusing their reporting on why racism happens and exploring potential solutions to creating racial justice.

Both governmental and philanthropic funders can help by creating grants specifically for racial equality work.

Individual activists can support this work by approaching antiracism actions in a non-violent manner and keeping the conversation about racism constructive.

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