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Shannon Webber

Year of Award: 2015 Award State: Queensland Health And Medicine > Dentistry
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to train in the surgical procedure known as osteoodontokeratoprosthesis - UK, Italy, Austria

Project Description
The purpose of my Winton Churchill Fellowship was to visit the OOKP Centres in Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom so that I could observe, discuss and further develop and refine the surgical procedure. The result being increased knowledge and experience, thus allowing improvement to the surgical procedure and maximising outcomes and minimising future morbidity for our deserving Australian patients.


  • Visiting multiple OOKP centres with a collective history of over 80 years of OOKP surgical experience.
  • Getting to spend time with world renowned surgeons and pioneers of OOKP Surgery.
  • Being exposed to different OOKP surgical techniques.
  • Experiencing the differences in healthcare delivery by spending time in Surgical Departments in three different countries.
  • Being able to research OOKP patient histories dating back twenty to forty odd years.

Despite the differences in facilities and healthcare systems, all three units based their technique off the modified version described by Falcinelli. None of the centres had thought of, or tried, the innovations we have developed since commencing the surgery. I was able to share our experience, technique and results and we are favourably positioned in Australia to be a world-leading centre for OOKP surgery.

Keywords: OOKP Centres, Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial, Ophthalmology, Optical

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