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Kylie Johnston

Year of Award: 2016 Award State: South Australia None > Health And Medicine
To learn new methods to manage chronic breathlessness using non-drug interventions - UK, Italy, Canada

Recommendations: How can the lives of Australians with breathlessness benefit?

1. Promote greater awareness of the positive outcomes for patients and reductions in unplanned hospital use to be gained by addressing how people cope with breathlessness.

2. Breathlessness-specific services can be delivered in a brief intervention to people with malignant and non-malignant advanced disease. Ways this could be implemented in Australia include:

  • in outreach services from hospitals designed to support people with advanced disease conditions
  • in those who decline/drop out/don’t attend pulmonary rehabilitation services
  • in primary care settings
  • in hospice outpatient services

 A vital group to seek to reach are frail people with advanced disease (heart, lung, cancer) who fall between the cracks of services providing centre/clinic based rehabilitation and current palliative care services.

3. Non-drug management of chronic breathlessness can be better integrated into existing care

  • in advanced lung and heart disease services
  • in cancer patients and survivors
  • in residential care facilities

4. Give further attention and research into how creative practices of yoga and singing can affect well-being for people with chronic breathlessness.

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