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Jon Haines

Year of Award: 2017 Award State: Western Australia
To investigate global best practice character development strategies for adolescent males - Canada, USA, UK

The key learnings of this report have enormous implications for a wide range of stakeholders within the Australian community. Those stakeholders are as follows;

  • all levels of government
  • education sector
  • state and national sporting organisations
  • parents
  • community based organisations working in youth / adolescent development
  • mental health practitioners and groups
  • leadership practitioners

The Churchill Fellowship has afforded me a wonderful opportunity to gain a far deeper insight into a number of people and organisations who are undertaking some incredibly valuable work in developing young men with a wide range of personal characteristics that will support enhanced leadership skills, an improved ability to be socially active and a deeper commitment to community.

The Fellowship has provided some amazing connections that will become lifelong relationships. The Fellowship has only deepened my passion to create a generational shift in this area and further inspired my desire to undertake ongoing learning to better understand how this shift can be achieved. 

The overwhelming broad conclusion is that we are not considering the development of great character in our young men well enough in Australia. The approach is too relaxed, it is far from strategic and it lacks direction. As a national community, we are not investing the necessary intellect, time and resources to proactively address the root cause of the many and varied implications of a poor character development strategy. 

The challenge for policy makers is that this is not something that can be remedied in a short period of time. This is a generational challenge that requires deep consideration, sound strategy and long-term vision. 

Keywords: Character, leadership, adolescent, youth, male, development, self-identity