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Year of Award: 1975 Award State: Tasmania Agriculture > Meat And Dairy
To investigate pig breeding and methods of processing - UK, Canada

When applying for a Fellowship, Ed had been a pig breeder at Winnaleah since I958. By then, Ed had about 300 pigs on his property at Winnaleah, including some 60 breeding sows, which he kept in a shed around half the size of Hobart’s City Hall.

On his Fellowship Ed visited Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom – visiting farms, research stations, universities and commercial premises, such as artificial breeding facilities and feed enterprises.

He returned with a firm belief that pigs respond well to genetic improvement, better nutrition and good health outcomes. He also believed after many years of pig husbandry that palatial housing is not essential but desirable; and he has been very ready to offer help and advice to other producers.

He believed that the benefits from his Fellowship flowed to himself, to other producers and indirectly to the consumer, with a leaner and more tender product now on the market at a moderate price.

Ed was President of an active Pig Producers’ Association and in active liaison with the then Department of Agriculture, Pig Section.

Eventually his son took over the operation of the piggery and farm.

In retirement Ed and his wife Olive initially did a three-month, 17,000-kilometre tour of Australia. Exploring some part of Australia was to become an annual event. A trip to Hobart to the annual Fellows’ dinner was an obligatory date in their calendar: Ed loved to catch up with past and new Fellowship recipients.

He was amused to note that at the time his own Fellowship was awarded, The Mercury newspaper cost eight cents.

Ed died in 2012.

Excerpt from “Bringing Knowledge Home” published by the Churchill Fellows Association of Tasmania (2016) 

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