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Fellow Year Project Report
Floeur ALDER, Floeur 2011 The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to undertake a research tour of the oldest, traditional classical ballet institutions throughout Europe and Russia - Russia, Denmark, France, UK PDF  
Sonia ALLAN OAM, Sonia 2011 To undertake a cross-jurisdictional study of regulatory requirements for recording and releasing donor information in assisted reproduction - Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, UK PDF  
Clint ALLEN, Clint 2011 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study contemporary trumpet performance techniques from leading practitioners involved in the creation of crossover music - UK, Netherlands, France PDF  
Leo BAKER, Leo 2011 The Churchill Fellows' Association of Victoria Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods for sustaining production and creative culture in the Australian animation industry - Japan, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong PDF  
Ester BARTER, Ester 2011 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study innovative care models for incontinent people - Denmark, UK PDF  
Susan BEATON, Susan 2011 The ACT Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative models of care for suicide crisis support - UK, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, USA PDF  
Daniel BLINKHORN, Daniel 2011 To develop strategies for composing with environmental sound in fixed-media and live performance - Arctic Circle, Canada, USA PDF  
Janine BORELAND, Janine 2011 To research American models of multimedia storytelling projects for communities - USA,Canada, UK PDF  
Larry BRANDY, Larry 2011 To investigate strategies for increasing the number of Indigenous students at universities - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Michelle BROWN, Michelle 2011 To implement sustainable Conductive Hearing Loss programs for Aboriginal students and their communities - Canada PDF  
Karen BURKE da SILVA, Karen 2011 The Phyllis Primrose Whyte Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods of teaching science at the undergraduate university level - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Haig BURNELL, Haig 2011 To study alternative methods for delivering classical music to a wider audience - Czech Republic, France, Germany, Finland, UK PDF  
Marita CHENG AM, Marita 2011 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study strategies used to most effectively engage female schoolgirls in science, engineering and technology - USA, Jamaica, Germany, UK PDF  
Natasha CHISHOLM, Natasha 2011 To explore successful models of school to work transition and alternative school programs for Indigenous students - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Mark COLEGRAVE, Mark 2011 To develop skills to improve lighting techniques and efficiencies within contemporary and heritage listed museum buildings - USA, UK, France, Germany, New Zealand PDF  
Tony CRAY, Tony 2011 To investigate the digital presentation of the performing arts - USA, UK, Germany, Japan
Sue CRIPPS, Sue 2011 To review models of service integration that improve outcomes for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness - UK, Belgium, USA PDF  
Mark CROFTON, Mark 2011 To investigate guardianship laws, policy and education in order to prevent and prosecute elder financial abuse - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Shannon CROFTON ESM, Shannon 2011 To investigate the utilisation of helicopters for flood rescues and reconnaissance - USA, Canada PDF  
Cassandra CROSS, Cassandra 2011 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study methods for preventing and supporting victims of online fraud - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
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