Churchill Fellows Victoria Dinner 2022

Welcome 2020 Churchill Fellows, Churchill Fellow medallion recipients and friends of the Trust.

From the Churchill Trust Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the Winston Churchill Trust, I extend congratulations to each of the Churchill Fellows receiving their medallions this year. It is also very pleasing that our yet-to-travel Fellowship recipients are now able to undertake their projects. Well done and enjoy your evening celebrating this important milestone.

Adam Davey
Chief Executive Officer
Winston Churchill Trust

From the Churchill Fellows Association President

On behalf of the Churchill Fellowship Association Victoria committee, I would like to welcome you to this year’s Churchill Fellowship Medallion Presentation and congratulate our new Fellows.

Deanne Riddington (VIC, 2015)
CFA VIC President

The story of your Medallion

Fellow Wojciech Pietranik (ACT, 1992) is a Polish artist and sculptor known for his masterful production of coins, medals and medallions, particularly the medals that he designed for the 2000 Olympic Games, held in Sydney Australia.

Wojciech has designed and produced the Churchill Fellowship medallions that have now been presented to over 2,100 Fellows.

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