Churchill Policy Room

Churchill Fellow Presentations

Australian Parliament House
Monday 15 March 2021

Jennifer Bowles CF2014

‘Why Can I Lock Kids Up But I Can’t Ensure They Receive Treatment?’
The case for effective mandated substance abuse treatment for young people.

Steve Harrison CF2015

Employment logic: The cultural shift needed to improve VET outcomes for school students.

Scott Falconer CF2017

How Self-Determination is Returning White Smoke to Country. Presented with Trent Nelson, Fellowship companion and Chairperson, Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation.

Megan Gilmour CF2016

Don’t wait until they’re well: School policy and technology to keep sick kids connected.

Natalia Krysiak CF2018

Design and planning policy for family-friendly apartment living.

Taryn Lane CF2016

Zero carbon communities: A blueprint for clean energy transitions.

Katherine Webber CF2018

We need to talk about public toilets: Policy agendas for inclusive suburbs and cities.

Katrina Marson CF2018

Ignorance is not innocence: Implementing relationships and sex education to safeguard sexual wellbeing.

Jessica Cocks CF2016

Peer Parent and Family Advocacy in Child Protection: A pathway to better outcomes for kids.

Claire Seppings CF2015

Breaking the cycle: Straight talking ex-offenders reduce recidivism.

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