2016 Churchill Fellowship Awardees Announced

30 Nov 2016

106 Aussies are going global to explore new possibilities for Australia


A select group of passionate and motivated people
from across Australia will travel throughout the world over the next year in search of new ideas, innovation and excellence as recipients of the prestigious Churchill Fellowship.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established in 1965 to honour the memory of Sir Winston Churchill, and fulfil his wish to offer people from all walks of life, the opportunity to travel overseas to gain new knowledge and insights that can be practically applied in Australia to positively impact our communities and society at large.

With projects that push boundaries and ask challenging questions, 106 enthusiastic Australians have today been announced as the 2016 Churchill Fellows.

“Today marks 142 years since Sir Winston Churchill was born, however the projects that will be aided by his legacy are firmly focussed on the present and future,” said new CEO of the Churchill Trust, Mr Adam Davey.

“While our organisation and what it offers may be steeped in history, we are proud that it still remains extraordinarily relevant. This year we received the highest number of applications for Fellowships since 1965 – an impressive result for an award that has now been offered for more than 50 years!

 “This year, 106 people are being awarded Fellowships worth over $2.7 million in total, fully funding their travel for up to 8 weeks. But this award is about so much more than just numbers - the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and areas of interest of all of our applicants is the signature of the Churchill Fellowship.

“To have the opportunity to acknowledge and support so many talented Australians, who want to contribute so much to our society, is both a privilege and a thrill.”

“We will be sending Fellows from all States and Territories of Australia to the far corners of the globe, to investigate everything from bandicoots and bilbies, to complex physical rehabilitation technology to managing waste tyres.

“The only prerequisites for becoming a Churchill Fellow is your drive to make a difference to your community and a good project that will allow you to do just that.

Churchill Fellowships have been awarded to 27 people from NSW, 23 from VIC, 15 from QLD, 15 from WA, 8 from the ACT, 8 from SA, 5 from TAS and 5 from the NT.

“While each Fellow proposes their project independently, it has been interesting to see broader themes of national importance coming through in the successful Fellowship applications,” said Davey.

“For example, a number of the 2016 Fellows will explore areas of sustainable practices, while others are investigating the advancement of LGBTI and disability issues.

“Fellows will be looking at a wide variety of issues present in the Australian Indigenous community, and exploring best practice in medical research, education, emergency services and mental health.

“It is an extremely exciting time for these deserving Australians, who will grasp the opportunity to expand their own knowledge for the benefit of our country,” Mr Davey said.

Apply for a Churchill Fellowship and see where it can take you...applications open again on 28 February 2017

View the full list of 2016 Churchill Fellowship Awardees


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