#1weekstogo until applications close for 2017

1 Mar 2017

#1weekstogo until Applications Close 

With one week to go until Churchill Fellowship applications close for the 2017 round, we thought it timely to share some resources and advice to support you in completing your application.

If you missed attending our National Roadshow of Information Sessions and still need some extra motivation to apply, you can now watch our Sydney Information Session below. Listen to 2015 Churchill Fellows' Shona Whitton, Andrew Morgan and Alison Black share their experiences that are sure to refresh your inspiration to apply!



References are Important

Obtaining one professional reference and one project reference is probably the most challenging and important part of the application process. 

  • We recommend that you identify your referees and make your requests for references early in the application process to allow sufficient time for your referees to write and lodge them online prior to the closing date.
  • The online form contains a built in Reference Request Feature which allows you as the applicant to request a reference via email and/or SMS within the application form.
  • The request will provide your referee with guidelines to complete the reference, a link to access a copy of your partially or fully complete online application form and advice on how to lodge the reference.
  • You will receive advice via email when the reference has been completed by your referees and lodged within your application. The email provides a link for you to preview the reference within your application. 
  • You should try to enter the project specific information required within the form prior to making a request for a reference. This will provide referees with a clear understanding of the project you are proposing so they can cite or refer to accurate content when composing the reference.
  • Follow up your referees to check they have received your request, the Trust can provide additional support by providing a direct link to the Referee to access the Reference Form if required.

References cannot be accepted in any other format than outlined above without the specific approval of the Trust's CEO. You will need to contact National Office to discuss your situation well prior to the closing date.

Lodgement Time 

Online applications close on Friday 28 April 2017 5.00PM AEST. Check what time 5,00PM AEST equates to in your State/Territory.

Haven't started your application yet?

Complete and lodge an online application to apply for a Churchill Fellowship.

If applying online presents any technical or personal difficulties please contact the Trust's National Office to discuss your situation as support or reasonable adjustments can be provided.

Download and read the 2017 Application Guide prior to starting your application.

Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted.

Sponsored Fellowships

All applicants are automatically considered for a Churchill Fellowship, however you can also indicate your interest in being considered for a Sponsored Fellowship on the Application Form. 

A Sponsored Fellowship offers the dual benefit of representing the Churchill Trust and the sponsor and can provide a higher level of visibility and credibility. The high regard for the sponsor can also increase the opportunity to share your research with the Australian community.

Enquiries and Technical Issues

Please contact the Churchill Trust if you have any questions on freecall 1800 777 231 or 02 6247 8333 alternatively please email info@churchilltrust.com.au

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