AIM Focus: Pool resources to share the rewards

4 Feb 2014

Anthony Black speaks to AIM Churchill Fellowship winner Mark Bell. Bell is business development manager for Regional Development Australia (Murraylands and Riverland). He is also an APEC certified business counsellor and has been a business coach for 11 years. 

Regional and country Australians are a resilient lot in an age of rapid globalisation. They have to be, as cheap imports and a relatively strong Australian dollar constantly threaten the viability of local producers, manufacturers and their workforces.

Mark Bell, 55, lives and works in South Australia’s Riverland. As business development manager for Regional Development Australia (Murraylands and Riverland), Bell believes local business leaders need to share ideas to strengthen and grow their own firms and economy.

He is not suggesting companies sacrifice their hard-earned intellectual property to level the playing field with other competitors. Rather, a region’s leaders should develop and execute strategies that boost the prospects for all businesses.

Bell believes in the power of numbers. He saw how effective knowledge-sharing can be in building industries and generating employment during a recent overseas study tour of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

Achieving an Australian Institute of Management Churchill Fellowship award last year, Bell chose to study cluster development and facilitation.

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