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1 Feb 2018


Travel overseas to investigate inspiring practices that will benefit Australian communities!

This prestigious award offers Australian citizens the opportunity to travel overseas to investigate a topic or an issue they are passionate about. It is for anyone who, after examining alternatives within Australia, would now like to see what other countries are doing successfully in a similar field to inspire new ideas and innovation.

No prescribed qualifications are required in order to apply for a Churchill Fellowship and the subject of the proposed project is limitless provided a benefit to Australia is evident and a willingness to share the knowledge gained is demonstrated. 

CEO of the Churchill Trust, Adam Davey says that at the heart of the Fellowship is the passion and drive that Fellows possess, all determined to make a difference for Australia and it is these Churchillian characteristics that the Trust looks for in their applicants at interview.

“What is great about the Churchill Fellowship is that it allows the applicant to create the project they wish to investigate, so they can address what is important and beneficial for their specific community, and this often aligns with issues of local, regional or national importance,” said Mr Davey.

“Fellows return from this life-changing experience enthusiastic and unwavering in the belief that they will make an impact, and while progress can take time, the Fellowship is well-known to propel our Fellows towards achievements that are truly inspiring.”

Mr Davey said he encourages Australians from diverse backgrounds to apply for this unique award.

“Our Fellows are from all walks of life, some are experienced veterans in their field while others are ambitious people forging a new direction, all striving to achieve change,” he said.

“Irrespective of industry, area and experience, we encourage Australians with a passion and an idea that could help improve and build knowledge in Australia, to apply for a Churchill Fellowship.”

The Churchill Fellowship is awarded to more than 100 Australians each year, enabling them to travel to countries around the world to meet and work with leaders, influencers and innovators that will see them gain knowledge and experience for the betterment of themselves, their industry or community and Australia. 

“While you could research what is happening overseas online, returning Fellows consistently report that having the chance to fully immerse in the sights, sounds and experiences of physically being there in person is invaluable and the relationships formed through this journey are often long-lasting,” says Mr Davey.

Last year 109 Churchill Fellowships were awarded with a combined value of over $2.9 million.

The Trust’s National Roadshow of information sessions is visiting 24 locations this year commencing on Thursday 8 February in Mildura and will continue around Australia until mid-March. Register to attend a session to gain helpful advice on how to apply and discuss your project ideas at

If you miss out on attending an information session we encourage you to follow us on Facebook for advice about a live Q&A to be held late March.


Apply Now Applications close Friday 27 April 2018.

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