Will opportunity knock on your door in 2016

28 Feb 2016


Ausralia's greatest doorknock appeal continues to offer the oppoertunity of a lifetime!

Australia’s greatest one-day doorknock appeal set up a Trust that has changed the lives of more than 4,000 Australian’s, giving them the chance to travel the world, expand their knowledge, refine their skills and contribute to Australian life.

Applications for the next 100 Churchill Fellowships open on 28 February, the anniversary of the doorknock which solidified Winston Churchill’s legacy and launched the Memorial Trust.

It was Sir Winston Churchill’s wish to offer an award that allows ordinary people an exceptional opportunity to grow their knowledge with overseas experience, and bring that back for the betterment of their community. 

Across Australia, a doorknock took place on what was later christened Churchill Memorial Sunday on 28 February 1965, a day became the greatest single-day doorknock appeal in Australian history.

Volunteers went from door to door around the country, collecting donations that would build the foundation for the living legacy of Sir Winston Churchill.

The 2016 application round opens on 28 February, the anniversary of the greatest single-day doorknock appeal in Australian history. Churchill Memorial Sunday, conducted on 28 February 1965, saw £2.2 million (the equivalent of A$4.4 million dollars) collected from both the doorknock and donations made by Government, individuals and companies. 

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established to administer the total funds raised by the appeal, laying the foundation to offer an incredible opportunity to passionate Australians - the Churchill Fellowship Award Scheme.

“The Churchill Memorial Sunday doorknock unified Australian’s for a great purpose,” said Paul Tys, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust CEO.

Each year for fifty years, some 100 people from all walks of life conceive of projects that challenge, inspire them and ultimately improve our communities.

“A Churchill Fellowship has no bounds – applicants are asked to present ideas that will benefit Australia – in any area, field or specialty,” said Mr Tys. 

“Applications for the 2016 Churchill Fellowships open on Sunday 28 February, a date that is a fitting tribute to the Trust’s milestone – half a century of passionate, enthusiastic Australian Fellows traversing the globe.

“Our information sessions are already underway across the country, it’s an opportunity to hear a cross-section of previous Fellows talk about their experiences, and to gain insight into what it means to be a Churchill Fellow and provides helpful advice on how to apply.

“I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who has an idea that could turn into the educational experience of a lifetime, to look into how a Churchill Fellowship could support their aspirations to achieve a better future for Australia,” said Mr Tys.

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