Churchill Fellowships Announced for 2014

19 Jun 2014

106 Australian high achievers will receive great news today: Churchill Fellowships announced for 2014

Full List of 2014 Fellows

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is proud to announce that 106 Australians have been successful in their application for a Churchill Fellowship.

The successful applicants will, from as soon as September this year, travel the globe to undertake a diverse array of research for the betterment of Australia.

The 106 Churchill Fellowship recipients for 2014 have all demonstrated the pursuit of excellence in their areas of expertise and have been chosen from a wide field of applicants after a rigorous selection process.

Paul Tys is Chief Executive Officer of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, and made the announcement today ahead of formal ceremonies to be held in each State and Territory in the coming months.

“Each individual selected to receive a Churchill Fellowship has demonstrated a commitment to benefiting the broader Australian community through building their knowledge and skills,” said Mr Tys.

“These are some very talented individuals with extraordinary potential to further the research in their respective fields. We congratulate them on their achievement and look forward to seeing the outcome of their Fellowships.”   

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, which was established after the death of Sir Winston Churchill in accordance with his final wishes, has now funded over 3,900 Fellowships for Australians.

The Fellowships are valued at an average of $22,000 each and provide the recipients with the opportunity to research their passions abroad and bring their findings back for the benefit of all Australians.


Key Statistics for 2014 Churchill Fellowships

NSW (and Norfolk Island) – 30 Fellowships including:

  • Utilising robotics and telemedicine to improve delivery of trauma treatment to rural, regional and remote Australia;
  • Investigation of Managed Alcohol Programmes for the homeless;
  • Examining non-profit models for funding investigative and public service journalism;
  • Developing an Indigenous employment and retention strategy to be used across all Australian law enforcement agencies;
  • Investigating social housing waiting lists to prioritise assistance for homeless people;
  • Investigating self-regulatory codes of conduct in the not-for-profit sector;
  • Investigating the storage of electricity produced by renewable generation;
  • Developing skills for the teaching and directing of Shakespeare in correctional facilities;
  • Determining the effects of media images in influencing unsafe behaviour in disasters.

Victoria – 22 Fellowships including:

  • Investigating the use of inclusionary zoning requirements to support the delivery of affordable housing;
  • Investigating planning policies that deliver positive social outcomes in hyper-dense, high-rise residential environments;
  • Studying the monitoring of brain blood flow to prevent brain injury in preterm babies;

Queensland – 16 Fellowships including:

  • Investigating integrated management strategies and their potential application to crown-of-thorn starfish on the Great Barrier Reef;
  • Investigating beef supply chain innovation with emphasis on a more viable industry in the future;
  • Exploring the establishment of a child protection law specialist accreditation programme in Queensland.

Western Australia – 13 Fellowships including:

  • Researching appropriate interior lighting to enhance the visual and functional abilities of older people;
  • Researching physiotherapy for the early rehabilitation of intensive care patients.

South Australia – 8 Fellowships including:

  • Reducing the road toll through coordinated emergency services training and rapid extrication techniques;
  • Exploring international approaches to alternative care for young people with intellectual disabilities.

Tasmania – 6 Fellowships including:

  • Creating the role of prison based Family Support Workers in Risdon Prison;
  • Investigating effective models of re-engaging traumatised children with education.

ACT – 6 Fellowships including:

  • Studying the relationship between the myxoma virus and rabbits to understand the evolution of infectious agents for predicting emerging diseases in the future;
  • Advancing capacity in vertical rescue resulting in safer and more efficient operations and training.

Northern Territory – 5 Fellowships including:

  • Exploring alternative and culturally specific programmes which aim to divert Indigenous first-time offenders from the criminal justice system;
  • Building expertise in the practice of international criminal justice by examining the operation of international courts.

Applications for 2015 Fellowships open on 1 November 2014, for more information and contact details for Fellowship recipients contact Philip McCall Australian Public Affairs 0438 619 987

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