Share the Churchill opportunity with your networks

12 Dec 2014

Share the Churchill Fellowship opportunity with your networks

A Churchill Fellowship isn't just an award, it's an agent for positive change.

A Churchill Fellowship offers talented individuals the opportunity to travel to the far edges of the globe to conduct valuable research in their field and bring back knowledge, experience, ideas and innovation for the betterment of Australia. 

This media kit will help you spread the word easily on your website, social media platforms or through your newsletters and offers the following resources:

  • Churchill Trust 50th Anniversary logo
  • Page header graphic
  • Fact sheet 
  • Media release
  • A3 Promotional poster

Digital advertisements (MRed or Leaderboard) to support your effort are available on request.

Download the Media Kit 

If you have any further questions regarding these materials or would like any support to distribute them please contact us on 02 6247 8333 or email

Applications are open for the 2015 Churchill Fellowships until Monday 16 February 2015, for travel between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016.

All Australian citizens aged over 18 are invited to apply. No prescribed qualifications are required and the subject of the project is limitless - provided a benefit to Australia is evident.


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