2 Oct 2018

Kerryn Ernst


Kerryn Ernst is one of 119 McGrath Foundation breast care nurses, who provide invaluable support and resources to women around Australia. 

She is also one of 112 people awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship, which will take her overseas to investigate and develop a model of care for nursing patients in Australia. 

Kerryn will travel to some of the world’s leading health facilities in the United States and Canada, to gain first-hand nursing care experience. 

“I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard the news, but I am eager to analyse best practice breast cancer services around the world, and incorporate it into our model of care,” Kerryn said. 

“The Fellowship gives me the chance to gather new ideas and learnings, and thanks to the support of the McGrath Foundation what I learn will also be translated into practice.

“No other cancer nursing group has a current model of care in Australia, so gathering knowledge from our overseas counterparts will be highly beneficial.” 

Kerryn describes her Fellowship as an opportunity to develop a broad but specific model.

“Cancer is impacting people in every increasing numbers, and every individual deserves individual care,” Kerryn said. 

“While my immediate focus is in the area of breast cancer services, I am also conscious that this opportunity will allow me to see first-hand cutting edge therapies and practices across all malignancies. 

“Being able to see that, and understand how, broadly, approaches to cancer treatments are advancing will be a great asset, and something I look forward to sharing with the Australian community.” 

“We’re so proud of Kerryn. This incredible achievement is testament to her first class service and role in the Canberra region as a McGrath Breast Care Nurse supporting patients with metastatic breast cancer and their families over the years,” said Jane Mahony, Nursing Program Director at the McGrath Foundation.    

“To be able to travel the world in search of ways to improve her profession and the Model of Care Research for Breast Cancer/Care Nursing is an honour not only for Kerryn, but also the Foundation and all her patients.”  

Adam Davey, CEO of the Trust, said that Kerryn is a wonderful example of an ordinary Australia seeking to make a profound impact. 

“Kerryn’s vision, that her findings can benefit not just those diagnosed with breast cancer but all those living with cancer, is a wonderful example of how broad a Fellow’s impact can be,” Mr Davey said. 

“The Churchill Fellowship recognises new ideas. It is a celebration of expertise, innovation, expanding knowledge and creating new and better ways of addressing issues that matter in Australia right now.”




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