4 Oct 2018


Women in Australia are using Intra Uterine Devices (IUDs) at a far lower rate in comparison to women from other countries. This is surprising when the health benefits that can come from this small device are well established.

Dr Meredith Frearson, a General Practitioner who practices in Adelaide and Streaky Bay, has received a Churchill Fellowship because of her passion to improve women’s sexual and reproductive health by increasing IUD usage in Australia. 

Dr Frearson will travel to the USA, Sweden, and the United Kingdom to investigate how these countries with high rates of IUD usage provide their services and information to women.  

Dr Frearson has always held a strong interest in women’s health. She is particularly interested in increasing awareness about IUDs as they are more effective and longer acting contraception, they can manage heavy periods and can be used five days after unprotected intercourse as a form of emergency contraception. 

“Through the Fellowship, I am looking forward to meeting with international experts and observing how countries, like Sweden, the UK and the USA, provide women’s health services. I am also keen to network with an international group at the Annual Society of Family Planning USA International Contraception conference in Los Angeles,” said Dr Frearson.

“I intend to learn about innovative models of care, which I will share with Australian health professionals, to facilitate more Australian health professionals to counsel women about IUDs.

“I am determined to help set up a training model in Australia to enable more health professionals to insert IUDs. I also hope to increase relevant up to date information for women so they are more informed about IUDs.”  

“This is a terrific opportunity for Dr Frearson to bring back to Australia innovative ideas to boost Australian doctors’ and women’s knowledge about IUD usage,” said Adam Davey, CEO of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.  

“The Churchill Fellowship is a celebration of expertise, innovation, expanding knowledge and creating new and better ways of addressing issues that matter in Australia.”

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