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19 Mar 2018

If you have a great idea and loads of passion for a project that can benefit Tumut then apply for a Churchill Fellowship! 

Apply in 2018 to travel overseas and investigate inspiring practices that can benefit the Tumut community!

A sponsor since 1997, the Blakeney Millar Foundation offers the residents of Tumut the opportunity to apply for a Churchill Fellowship that is of benefit to the town and its environs. 


Tumut Resident and Churchill Fellow Diana Palmer


Tumut residents have investigated many topics over the past 20 years, from preservation of heritage buildings, to tourism planning for the disabled to rehabilitation of national parks.

Applicants for a Blakeney Millar Foundation Fellowship can propose a project on any topic provided a benefit to Tumut is evident and a willingness to share the knowledge gained is demonstrated. 

CEO of the Churchill Trust, Adam Davey, said at the heart of the Fellowship is the principle of giving ordinary Australians the opportunity to apply for the learning experience of a lifetime.

“A Churchill Fellowship allows the applicant to create the project they wish to investigate, so they can address what is important and urgent for their specific community,” said Mr Davey.

“The Blakeney Millar Foundation Fellowship offers that chance to residents of Tumut to design and research projects that benefit the local area, and make a real difference to their community.”

In 2010, Tumut resident, Diana Palmer traveled to the USA, Canada, Sweden, UK and China to learn how to provide information that helps people with a disability make informed travel choices.

“The Fellowship enabled me to learn first-hand from some of the most experienced and well-known accessible tourism providers, giving me insights I could never have gained otherwise,” she said.

“I am especially grateful for the time and energy these leading organisations gave me during my visits, and am forever in their debt for the knowledge and perspective they were willing to share with me.”

Mr Davey said he encourages all those living in Tumut and surrounds to apply for this opportunity.

“Our Fellows are from all walks of life, some are experienced in their field and others are forging a new direction – we welcome all those with a passion and an idea to apply for a Churchill Fellowship.”

Last year 109 Churchill Fellowships were awarded with a combined value of over $2.9 million.

Applications close Friday 27 April 2018


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