15 Dec 2018

Phil McGilvrayIn Australia, many people are buckling under the strain and uncertainty of their finances which can have a knock on effect to relationships, mental health and family. Equipping teenagers with essential financial skills for life can help alleviate this. 

Phil McGilvray, a Canberra local, has received a Churchill Fellowship because of his motivation to equip teenagers with financial skills and knowledge to help with their daily finances. 

Phil is amongst 112 people from across the country to receive the prestigious Churchill Fellowship, worth some $3.1 million collectively. 

Phil will travel to the USA, Canada and UK to investigate how organisations empower and educate through the use of technology, how they engage with kids, and the strategies they use to support teachers and parents.

The Churchill Fellowships were established in 1965 to honour the memory of Sir Winston Churchill, and to fulfil his wish for people from all walks of life to travel the world to gain new knowledge and insights. 

Since its inception, the Churchill Trust has enabled more than 4,300 Australians in identifying projects where overseas investigation will allow them to return home inspired with the practical knowledge and experience needed to advance their projects and embed new opportunities in Australia.

Phil, himself a financial coach, has always held a strong interest in educating people on their finances, a passion that he has extended to teaching his own kids how to manage money from a young age. 

“Money is an essential life skill that directly impacts so many other areas of our lives. We have a generation of young people who have not been taught the basics, and whose dreams are being crushed under the weight of consumer debt and oppressive mortgages. This is not how it should be,” said Mr McGilvray. 

“It is an honour to be awarded this Fellowship sponsored by The Park Family, I hope to observe innovative programs in action and cherry pick the best parts and bring them home. 

“I am also really excited about networking with experts who are truly making a difference in the financial education space.”

“My vision is to see a generation of young people equipped with the money skills they need to make wise financial decisions and to create a future free of financial stress and uncertainty. I believe the Fellowship will help me do that.”    

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Phil to bring back to Australia innovative ideas to boost education available to parents and kids, and Australians struggling with their finances,” said Adam Davey, CEO of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. 

“The Churchill Fellowship recognises new ideas, like Phil’s. It is a celebration of expertise, innovation, expanding knowledge and creating new and better ways of addressing issues that matter in Australia. We look forward to seeing what he is able to achieve as a result of his Fellowship experience.”


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