Leading the way in Legionella detection and control

18 Sep 2019

Master Plumbers’ Australia and New Zealand have today announced Australia’s first Legionella awareness training course for plumbers, facility managers and maintenance personnel to help provide an understanding about the Legionella risk in water systems within buildings.

Kelvin Slade, a Churchill Fellow, owner of Slade Bros Plumbing in Brisbane and industry recognised trainer, developed the course and has delivered a train the trainer model throughout Australia. This course is primarily for plumbers, facility managers and maintenance personnel seeking to further their knowledge about the Legionella risk in water systems within buildings.

The course, Introduction to Legionella Management in Building Water Systems, aims to enable attendees to gain an understanding of the recommendations of the enHealth guidelines for Legionella control in health and aged care facilities, and what is considered to be international best practice in managing and treating the Legionella bacterium in building water systems. This knowledge will allow attendees to undertake their roles and duties in respect of water distribution systems with a greater emphasis on the safety of residents, patients and staff.

The diseases caused by Legionella are collectively called legionellosis. Legionella pneumophila causes the pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ disease and the flu-like Pontiac fever. Legionnaires’ disease is caused by colonisation of the respiratory tract with Legionella bacteria. It is characterised by severe pneumonia. Unless diagnosed and treated rapidly, the disease can be serious or even fatal, especially in vulnerable people.

Mr Slade was awarded the Park Family Churchill Fellowship in 2016 to research legionella training and implement a course to educate plumbers on infrastructure treatment. The announcement of this training program brings the focus of Mr Slade’s years of research to realisation.

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