A message from our Chief Executive Officer

31 Mar 2016

We offer a life-changing experience to those who want to travel the world and make a difference!

How many organisations can say they have members who are farmers, emergency service workers, artists, musicians, engineers, journalists, scientists and educators?

And how many people can say they have had the opportunity to go overseas to examine and learn about something in an area of their choosing, and bring those findings back to benefit the Australian community?

More than 4000 Australians from across every State and Territory have had the chance to do just this over the past 50 years after being bestowed with a Churchill Fellowship through the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, and applications are now open again for the next hundred or more to be awarded.

For every year over the last half-century, the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has been offering Australian citizens the chance to travel to the far corners of the globe to seek out knowledge.

There are few opportunities in the realm of fellowships and scholarships that require no prescribed qualifications and a subject pool limited only by your imagination – and all potential candidates need to show in their application is that their project will benefit the Australian community when they return.

The Fellowship remains true to the idea on which it was created: to enable ordinary people the chance to contribute to our society. That was Sir Winston Churchill’s wish when he envisioned the Fellowships and to this day, that is what they have delivered.

Australia is a much better place because of the contributions made by Churchill Fellows.

The Trust was established to administer funds raised through an appeal held in honour of Sir Winston Churchill.

Churchill Memorial Sunday, held on 28 February 1965, saw £2.2 million raised (the equivalent of A$4.4 million dollars) from both a doorknock and donations made by Government, individuals and companies.

It is the greatest single-day doorknock appeal in Australian history, and it laid the foundation to offer an incredible opportunity to every day Australians through the Churchill Fellowship Award Scheme.

Churchill Fellowships have been awarded in every imaginable area. We have Fellows who specialize in classifying spiders and Fellows who want to establish best practice in how our emergency services undertake large animal rescues.

Fellows have traveled to South Africa to investigate ways of empowering indigenous children and Canada to examine maternity services in remote locations.

Churchill Fellows are farmers investigating innovative supply chains for agricultural production, doctors who see hope in treatment such as medicinal cannabis, and public servants who work with juvenile offenders with learning disabilities – there is no such thing as a cookie cutter Fellow.

Churchill Fellowships have allowed talented Australians to be out in the world seeing, doing, sharing and achieving more than they ever thought was possible and then returning with a confidence and drive to accomplish so much more.

Applications for the Churchill Fellowships don’t close until Sunday 15 May, so there is still plenty of time to put your best idea forward and see where it takes you.

Apply Now!


Paul Tys
Chief Executive Officer


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