2 Oct 2018

Alizera Kashani


In Australia, housing affordability is becoming a significant issue for low-income households. Finding workable and innovative solutions to this crisis is paramount. 

Dr Alireza Kashani, a Boronia local, Victoria, has received an AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship because of his motivation to learn more about new technology for rapid construction of resilient and low-cost houses through 3D printing.

Dr Kashaniwill travel to the USA, Salvador, Netherlands, Italy, China and Singapore to investigate 3D printing, which first started in the U.S. (NASA) for construction on the moon and has now been developed to assist in low cost construction solutions. 

Dr Kashani, a Research Fellow at University of Melbourne, has always held a strong interest in housing affordability and construction, and is inspired by the revolutionary method of cost-effective construction by 3D printing.

“I am excited to learn more from the experts overseas about 3D printing of houses and bring this back to Australia. I will be travelling to where the technology was first discovered and implemented. I believe I will gain valuable insights from the teams there,” said Dr Kashani.  

“Building a strong international network for future collaboration will be a focus for me, to continually improve and share knowledge on new technology.”

“We are thrilled to support Dr Alireza Kashani on his quest to learn more about the 3D printing revolution, his insights gained overseas could see significant improvements to many Australians across the country,” said Adam Davey, CEO of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.  

“Dr Kashani will travel overseas in late 2019. We are hopeful he will bring back tangible solutions to ease the current housing affordability crisis we are currently experiencing here in Australia."

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