Cider lovers and space enthusiasts!🍎🍐🌌🚀

09 Mar 2023

Cider lovers and space enthusiasts!🍎🍐🌌🚀 featured image
Pictured: Camilla Humphreys, VIC 2020

Camilla Humphries, a 2020 Churchill Fellow is a founding member of the Red Hill Cider Show on the Mornington Peninsula where she will be presenting a masterclass on apples and pears on Sunday March 11 at midday.

Camilla is is an Agricultural Scientist, cider maker, researcher and is currently working as an agricultural consultant and studying a PhD at the University of Melbourne where she is investigating how to grow plants for space to sustain astronauts on extended missions to the Moon and Mars.

Camilla has recently returned from her Fellowship to investigate orchard growing systems for improving Australian cider production.

Camilla’s 10 year career as an Agricultural Scientist has spanned across field research, agronomy, advisory for the Apple and Pear Industry and evaluating agricultural products to improve production efficiencies.

As a 2020 Churchill Fellow her project investigated cider markets, production and orchard systems in the UK, France, Spain, United States and New Zealand with the aim to grow the fruit for juice sector. Camilla’s research helped to identify how to increase economic returns to apple producers, promote provenance and increase the value of cider fruit, improve competition against foreign imports of juice concentrate, and reduce waste of unmarketable fruit through creating opportunities for value adding fruit for cider production.

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