100 years of radio in Australia

23 Nov 2023

100 years of radio in Australia featured image

Today, Australia is celebrating 100 Years of Radio Excellence. Australia’s first radio station, 2SB, marked its historic debut a century ago, evolving into the beloved ABC Radio Sydney we cherish today.

In honour of this milestone, we are shining a spotlight on some of the outstanding Churchill Fellows who’ve elevated our airwaves and explored radio.

Richard Connolly (dec, NSW 1971): Renowned for composing the Play School theme, “There’s a Bear in There,” in 1966, with lyrics contributed by Rosemary Milne, Richard Connolly embarked on a transformative Churchill Fellowship in 1971. His exploration across France, Germany, Italy, and the UK delved into the intricate world of radio broadcasting, focusing on feature production and stereophonic techniques. His quest not only enriched his musical legacy but also left an indelible mark on the landscape of sound and broadcasting in Australia. Read more

Ian Mannix (SA 2012): Venturing into the crucial realm of emergency communication, Ian Mannix dedicated his Churchill Fellowship to examining how emergency agencies provide information on radio and social media to communities facing threats from fires, floods, tornadoes, and tsunamis. His invaluable insights contribute to enhancing community resilience and safety. Read more

Richard Fidler (QLD 2011): A champion of public radio, Richard Fidler’s Churchill Fellowship was devoted to investigating new forms of public radio. His exploration has undoubtedly influenced and shaped the diverse landscape of public broadcasting, fostering connections and conversations that resonate with audiences far and wide.

Ingrid Just (QLD 2007): Ingrid Just delved into the powerful potential of popular radio to enhance wellbeing. Her exploration in 2011 aimed to uncover how radio, as a medium, could positively impact the mental and emotional health of listeners, showcasing the transformative influence of sound on our collective wellness.

These are just a small selection of Churchill Fellows who dedicated their work to radio. We are proud of our trailblazing Churchill Fellows, whose dedication has significantly enriched the tapestry of Australian radio.

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