2020 Churchill Fellowship Award Recipients Announced

28 Sep 2020

2020 Churchill Fellowship Award Recipients Announced featured image

  • 112 Australians awarded Churchill Fellowships to create positive change in our communities

  • People from all walks of life have been recognised to address challenges facing contemporary Australia

  • Despite international travel being on hold, a ten percent increase in applications this year shows healthy optimism for the future

One hundred and twelve positive and determined Australians are now the proud recipients of the prestigious Churchill Fellowship. This award offers them a life-changing opportunity to meet and work with leaders of influence around the world to gain and exchange knowledge as well as experience for the betterment of themselves, their industry, their community and Australia.

Whilst international travel is not possible at present due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Winston Churchill Trust is focussed on creating excitement and forward momentum for all 112 Fellowship recipients that have deservedly received this award.

“With international travel on hold for some time due to COVID-19, we will be supporting our new Churchill Fellowship recipients in making good use of this additional preparation time by connecting them with some of our highly achieved Churchill Fellows who work in similar fields or project areas via virtual networking and collaboration events,” said Churchill Trust CEO, Mr Adam Davey.

“All untravelled Churchill Fellowship recipients have been granted an extended timeline to undertake their Fellowships to allow them the opportunity to experience the real-life benefits of meeting ‘in person’ with their international counterparts.”

Churchill Fellowships recognise people with passion and drive, providing an unrivalled opportunity and freedom for people to engage with world’s best practice on issues that matter to Australian communities.

“We have an incredible network of Churchill Fellows who can assist our new Fellowship recipients to connect with some of the people they plan to meet around the world, keeping their projects alive by growing their global networks,” said Mr Davey.

This year Churchill Fellowships have been awarded to people from cities and towns across Australia including 25 from NSW, 26 from Victoria, 16 from Queensland, 15 from WA, 6 from the ACT, 9 from SA, 9 from Tasmania and 6 from the NT.

“This year we have been able to support an incredibly diverse range of people and projects addressing renewable energy, mental health, vaccine acceptance, family violence and coercive control, cyber security, online gambling, road safety, regenerative farming, academic achievement in Indigenous schools, venom as a disease treatment, funding models for the arts and blacksmith training to name just a few,” said Mr Davey.

All 112 Churchill Fellowship recipients will, in time, be able to gain the valuable international knowledge and experience they need to advance their projects and create new opportunities in Australia.

“With international travel unlikely for some time, we have made the decision that we will not offer Fellowships in 2021. This will allow the Trust to focus on providing a high level of support to recipients who are yet to travel.”

The Winston Churchill Trust is committed to being flexible and accommodating during the current pandemic and is now offering 2019 Churchill Fellowship recipients the opportunity to undertake their Fellowship, or parts of it, virtually, so that they can progress their projects instead of waiting for the resumption of international travel.

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