2021 Recognition Awards

29 Jul 2021

2021 Recognition Awards featured image
David Trebeck presents the inaugural Recognition Award to the late Mick March at the CFA ACT dinner held at the Royal Canberra Gold Club, Yarralumla on Friday 25 October 2019

Each year The Churchill Trust Board recognises outstanding contributions by Churchill Fellows to their CFAs and to the Trust. Recognition Awards the year have so far been presented to seven outstanding Churchill Fellows.

Each awardee was recognised for their enduring and active relationship with the Trust and for inspiring others to contribute in a similar way. They were each presented with a citation letter outlining their contribution to the Churchill Trust and their CFA with a limited edition print of a botanical illustration of a Sir Winston Churchill rose drawn from life by 1988 Churchill Fellow Gilbert Dashorst. Gilbert is one of Australia’s leading botanical illustrators.

QLD Dr Barry Appleton CF 1971

Barry has made a significant contribution to the Trust as a Churchill Fellow, in particular, his membership of the Queensland Regional Committee from 1981 and then as Queensland Fellowship Director from 1992 until 1999. He served as Deputy National Chair from 2000 to 2003, as National Chair from 2004 to 2011, and then as National President in 2012. Barry was made a Life Member of the Trust in 2012.

As a long-standing member of the CFA of QLD, Barry was made a Life Member of the CFA of QLD for promoting its activities, including acting as a “whisperer” for Churchill Fellowship interviews for many years.

Pictured Left Board Chair David Trebeck with Barry Appleton

ACT Wendy Dodd CF 1987

Wendy was a member of the ACT Regional Selection Committee from 2003 until 2016.

Additionally, Wendy was one of the longest-serving members of the CFA of the ACT, and, played an important role in developing the first version of the CFA of the ACT website, which has continued to be a vital means of communication with CFA members.

Pictured Left Board Chair David Trebeck with Wendy Dodd

NSW/ACT Peter Minson CF 1995

Ever since Peter was awarded a Fellowship to study glass lampworking he has consistently credited the Churchill Fellowship as having the biggest influence on his work as a glass artist. His Fellowship was awarded in NSW and he lives there but his home is close to Canberra so he regally attends CFA ACT events.

Peter was awarded Life Membership by the CFA of NSW in the late 1990’s and has been a dedicated member of the CFA of ACT Committee for longer than our records show. The gift of one of Peter’s glass teapots as an award or prize at CFA Annual Dinners has always been highly valued.

Pictured Left Board Chair David Trebeck with Peter Minson

NSW Raymond McCluskie CF 1973

Raymond has made substantial contributions to the CFA of New South through his longstanding membership and promotion of its activities. The work Raymond did to overhaul the CFA’s database of members and his commitment to sourcing prizes for the annual dinner raffle has been invaluable.

Pictured Left Raymond McCluskie with NSW Board Director Andrew Leake

WA Neville Marchant CF 1985

Neville served on the WA Regional Committee from 1992 to 2007 and as WA Regional Secretary from 2007 to 2014. He was highly regarded by the WA Regional Committee for his warm and efficient service. He has hosted much-enjoyed presentations and Churchill Walks at Kings Park for the CFA of WA.

Pictured Left Neville Marchant with WA Board Director Colin Murphy

NT Jared Sharp CF 2012

Jared was instrumental in the establishment of the CFA of NT. As President for seven years, he actively promoted Churchill Fellowships by participating in information sessions and building CFA activities. Jared has also been successful in generating publicity and change related to his Fellowship project. Jared appeared on the ABC Four Corners story about the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre and achieved significant impact at the subsequent Royal Commission.

Pictured Left Jared Sharp with NT Board Director Suzan Cox

TAS Lyndsay McLeod CF 1966

Lyndsay was one of Tasmania’s inaugural Fellows and was instrumental in the establishment of the CFA Tasmania, serving on its Committee for many years. His dedication to supporting the community and willingness to help Fellows has been very much appreciated.

Pictured Left Lyndsay McLeod with TAS Board Director Robert Walters

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