Aussie Cognac distiller learns the art of brandy production from France

22 Jan 2024

Aussie Cognac distiller learns the art of brandy production from France featured image

Holly Klintworth, an Aussie Cognac distiller travelled to France on her Churchill Fellowship to learn from renowned cognac producers in France the art of brandy production, and bring her learnings home to Australia to help inspire other local producers.

Cognac in France is the heartland of brandy production and Holly chose this country as the best place for her to learn.

Holly is rekindling centuries-old techniques as well as modern innovations, using first-hand knowledge and technical detail which can be applied for Australian brandy producers to further their own skills and refine their uniquely-Australian brandy style.

Holly undertook her six week travels to France in 2023.

Today, the Australian brandy industry is now considered in its infancy, with only a handful of distilleries focusing on brandy as a core product.

Holly believes that Australian brandy producers can have a vision of the style of brandy they are setting out to achieve and then harness what is available within the environment they are in. Holly’s Churchill Fellowship report can be read here.

Holly will be sharing her story live on an upcoming information session about Churchill Fellowships, and take part in a live Q&A to share her experiences and answer your questions about her Fellowship journey – register here. She will share her experience working in a reputable cognac distillery where she learnt more about the art of brandy production and how her Fellowship has benefited the work she now does as Managing Director and Head Distiller at the Bass & Flinders Distillery.

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