Australia's hydrogen energy future in South Korea & US

01 Jul 2022

Dr Steven Percy featured image

Dr Steven Percy, Winston Churchill Fellow, is set to depart to South Korea and the US to explore hydrogen in Australia’s energy future. Dr Percy is part of the cohort to travel overseas since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. His Fellowship will allow him to further explore international technologies in the hydrogen industry, which has long since been recognised as a significant opportunity for growth and key enabler of energy transition.

Dr Percy’s Fellowship will take him to South Korea for one week and six weeks in the USA.

“We know that energy consumption and supply in Australia has been concerning, particularly of late, which makes Dr Percy’s Fellowship even more timely.” said Adam Davey, CEO Winston Churchill Trust.

Australia’s primary energy consumption is currently dominated by coal (around 40 per cent), oil (34 per cent) and gas (22 per cent).[1]  The hydrogen industry is underpinned by a complex value chain, with a number of technologies at varying levels of maturity, it is also multi-disciplinary requiring expertise across a number of sectors including electricity, oil and gas, transport and water.

To date, Dr Percy has met with Australian researchers such as Zhenguo Huang (UTS) and Jenny Hayward (CSIRO), and studied international literature, the CSRIO H2 Roadmap and the National H2 Strategy. The USA H2@Scale Project is leading the world in large-scale H2 planning and technology.

“We are pleased to see Dr Percy recognised with a Fellowship, and wish him well as he embarks on his travels to learn about overseas technology and industry, and bring these learnings home.” said Mr Davey.

For nearly 60 years, the Winston Churchill Trust has flown more than 4,500 talented Australians around the globe to pursue their passion and bring their knowledge home. Churchill Fellows are people from all walks of life and all sectors; the arts, science, health, agriculture, and beyond. The breadth of topics for Churchill Fellowships are limitless.

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