Churchill Fellows Findings in 2019 | First Quarter

08 Mar 2019

Churchill Fellows Findings in 2019 | First Quarter featured image

2019 Fellowship Reports | First Quarter

In the first quarter of 2019, we received 22 Churchill Fellowship reports exploring a wide range of issues. Find the full list below:


Barbara Whitlock (2017 | ACT)

To adapt foreign GP clinical data collections to improve patient care, workforce wellbeing and cost – USA, Canada, UK


Kavita Bedford (2017 | NSW)
To combat violent extremism by exploring international ‘alternative narrative’ approaches – Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Turkey, Greece

Stephanie Cousins (2017 | NSW)
To identify safe pathways for refugees and asylum seekers – Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada

Anastasia Glushko (2017 | NSW)
To investigate programs that support the transition of young people in foster care into university – UK, Hungary, Spain, USA

Gabrielle Kuiper (2017 | NSW)
To investigate the regulation of clean, smart, customer-centric energy networks – USA, UK, Belgium, France, Germany

Robert Lawson (2017 | NSW)
To investigate transition programs from school to work for students with disability – USA, UK, Ireland, Greece

Carolyn Nixon (2017 | NSW)
To research new, practical methods to fight law enforcement corruption by organised crime – Hong Kong, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland

Sarah O’Shea (2017 | NSW)
To explore best practice in retaining students who are first-in-family to attend university – UK, Canada, USA

Leigh Waddell (2017 | NSW)
To learn the latest genomic analytical tools for genetic diagnosis of rare neuromuscular disorders – USA


Marlene Kranz (2017 | NT)
To research eco leather, sustainable design and further develop the ‘Art of Shoemaking’ – Netherlands, UK, Spain, Italy

Barry Russell (2017 | NT)
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to undertake a re-evaluation of F.L Castelnau’s type-specimens of Australian fishes in the Museum National D’Histoire Naturelle – France, Belgium, UK


Kathryn Morton (2017 | QLD)
To investigate and design new, innovative approaches to grow and market Indigenous tourism experiences – USA, Canada, New Zealand

Jamie Seymour (2016 | QLD)
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to increase the knowledge of rearing Box and Irukandji jellyfish in captivity – USA, Japan

Lara Wieland (2017 | QLD)
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to learn and apply lessons on how to recruit, retain and care for health professionals in rural health – Canada


Garry Stewart (2017 | SA)
To study the structure and function of choreographic centres in various international locations – India, France, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada

Catherine Swetenham (2017 | SA)
To successfully implement an End of Life care strategy for South Australia – UK, Ireland, Canada


Jan Radford (2017 | TAS)
The Department of Health Churchill Fellowship to investigate how routinely collected GP electronic medical record data can be used to improve patient care – UK, Netherlands

Dean Stevenson (2017 | TAS)
To better understand composers living and working from islands or isolated cities – Iceland, Estonia, UK, USA, New Zealand


Scott Falconer (2017 | VIC)
The Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to create close partnerships with and jobs for traditional owners in fire and land management – USA, Canada

Nicola Gunn (2016 | VIC)
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to research socially engaged and site-specific practices in contemporary performance – Germany, UK, USA

Debra Robertson (2017 | VIC)
To develop a workplace policing model which builds flexibility, fairness and equity – Ireland, UK, Iceland, Norway, USA


Deborah West (2017 | WA)
To explore aphasia therapies which optimise communication from hospital to home post stroke – USA, Finland, Denmark, Iceland

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