Churchill Fellows Findings in 2019

17 Dec 2019

Churchill Fellows Findings in 2019 featured image

In 2019 we received 107 Churchill Fellowship reports exploring a wide range of issues, from increasing accessibility to public toilets to designing child-friendly high density neighbourhoods. Below is a complete list of Fellowship reports published on our website this year, grouped by different subject areas.


Michelle Dival (2017 | WA) – To study specialised building design of homes/work places for individuals on the autism spectrum – USA, France, Netherlands, Denmark, UK

Zoe Eather (2018 | QLD) – To accelerate the integration of “Smart Mobility” to enable more liveable Australian communities – USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, UK, South Africa

Ebru Sumaktas (2017 | NSW) – To examine successful programs for the employment of people with disability in the open labour market – UK, Germany, USA

Katherine Webber (2018 | QLD) – The Rodney Warmington Churchill Fellowship to increase accessibility to public toilets by researching taboos, design, policy and legal barriers – Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, Canada

Aged care

David Kidd (2018 | VIC) – The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to improve the quality of care of older people in our health system – USA

Geoffrey Rowe (2018 | QLD) – The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to access world’s best practice in preventing and responding to Elder Abuse in aged care and the community – UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand


Rachael Cruwys (2018 | QLD) – The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to increase the domestic marketability of Brahman cattle through improved marketing and genetics – USA

Tim Roache (2017 | VIC) – The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to modernise milk price models and manage price risk in the Australian dairy market – Netherlands, UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand


Joanne Lane (2018 | NSW) – The Yulgilbar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate appropriate methods for introducing kelp farming aquaculture to Australia – USA, Canada, Norway, UK, Ireland


Natalia Krysiak (2018 | NSW) – To investigate best practice for designing child-friendly high density neighbourhoods – Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, UK


Emma Crimmings (2015 | VIC) – To research innovative and successful artists residency programs to apply in an Australian context – Canada, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, UK

Nicola Gunn (2016 | VIC) – The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to research socially engaged and site-specific practices in contemporary performance – Germany, UK, USA

Jo Higgins (2018 | NSW) – To investigate different models of informal learning and youth-led engagement in arts organisations – USA, Canada

Christopher Hill (2018 | WA) – The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to research the unique creative process and relationship between a choreographer and their composer – UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, USA

Jasmine Jan (2018 | NT) – To connect and inspire communities through paper sculpture projects that focus on wildlife conservation – Italy, Thailand, Singapore

Greg Jansen (2017 | NT) – To learn advanced snare drum techniques from leading educators in order to teach Northern Territory students – USA

Gwendolyn Knox (2017 | WA) – The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to research theatre in post conflict communities and how it can inform my work in Indigenous communities – UK, Ireland, Indonesia

Sally McKenzie (2017 | QLD) – To research screenwriting tenets within playwriting contexts and institutions with playwriting courses – UK, Canada, USA

Veronica Neave (2017 | QLD) – The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to further my Shakespeare studies in order to become a distinguished Shakespearean performance teacher – UK, USA

Simone Slattery (2018 | SA) – The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to develop new specialised skills in historical violin performance as both performer and educator – Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK

Dean Stevenson (2017 | TAS) – To better understand composers living and working from islands or isolated cities – Iceland, Estonia, UK, USA, New Zealand

Garry Stewart (2017 | SA) – To study the structure and function of choreographic centres in various international locations – India, France, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada

Deborah Wace (2017 | TAS) – To develop artwork/fabric design from European botanical collections of French expeditions to Tasmania – UK, France, Italy


Toby Heap (2017 | NSW) – To investigate and learn from startup accelerators and innovation ecosystems – Israel, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, UK, India, China, Singapore


Peggy McDonald (2017 | NSW) – To advance and exchange our knowledge of Australian raptor rehabilitation and release techniques – USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, South Africa


Rachel Scott (2017 | NSW) – The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to bring international Reliability Engineering best practice to Australian Defence and industry – Singapore, Japan, UK, Germany

Digital Health

Jan Radford (2017 | TAS) – The Department of Health Churchill Fellowship to investigate how routinely collected GP electronic medical record data can be used to improve patient care – UK, Netherlands

Angela Ryan (2017 | NSW) – To investigate methods for preventing patient harm through national digital health safety governance – UK, Canada, USA

Barbara Whitlock (2017 | ACT) – To adapt foreign GP clinical data collections to improve patient care, workforce wellbeing and cost – USA, Canada, UK


Paul Boys (2016 | VIC) – To evaluate international models for the facilitation of trades based learning in a secondary school environment – Canada, USA 

Anastasia Glushko (2017 | NSW) – To investigate programs that support the transition of young people in foster care into university – UK, Hungary, Spain, USA

Robert Lawson (2017 | NSW) – To investigate transition programs from school to work for students with disability – USA, UK, Ireland, Greece

Katrina Marson (2018 | ACT) – The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to research new, practical and effective methods to prevent sexual violence through youth education – Germany, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA

Phil McGilvray (2018 | ACT) – The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative methods of equipping teenagers with essential financial skills for life – USA, Canada, UK

Sarah O’Shea (2017 | NSW) – To explore best practice in retaining students who are first-in-family to attend university – UK, Canada, USA

Emergency Services

Courtney Brown (2018 | ACT) – Reducing implicit bias errors in police decision making, particularly in time-sensitive incidents – UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand

Timothy Day (2018 | VIC) – To examine the operating models of international homicide squads to build our national capability – Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada

Andrew Emery (2018 | TAS) – To review successful service models of firefighters providing emergency medical care to the community – Ireland, Canada, USA

Mark Goldspink (2018 | VIC) – To research worldwide practice to inform implementation of Victoria Police Offender Management Project – USA, Canada, UK, Ireland

Richard Owen (2018 | VIC) – To reduce occupational cancer exposures in firefighters through improved initial decontamination – USA, UK, Sweden

Emily Ragus (2018 | QLD) – The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre Churchill Fellowship to investigate models for improved aeromedical retrieval standards in international disaster response – UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, USA

Gregory Toman (2018 | QLD) – To enhance overall safety to both rescuers and those requiring rescue in remote rescue situations – Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Italy, France


Sonja Braidner (2018 | NSW) – To improve organisational inclusion and fully leverage the diversity employed in fire agencies – Japan, USA, UK, Iceland, Germany

Julie Reilly (2017 | VIC) – To identify more effective personal and institutional giving to women and girls – USA, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, UK

Debra Robertson (2017 | VIC) – To develop a workplace policing model which builds flexibility, fairness and equity – Ireland, UK, Iceland, Norway, USA

Jeremy Wiggins (2016 | VIC) – To investigate models of health service delivery to transgender and gender diverse populations – UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Thailand


Owen Churches (2018 | SA) – To create fairness and accountability in the use of government decision making algorithms – UK, Belgium, Austria

Health and Medicine

Penelope Abbott (2018 | NSW) – To research access to primary health care for people in contact with the criminal justice system – USA, Canada

Michael Bertoldo (2018 | NSW) – The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to develop cutting edge oncofertility options for Australian females – USA

Simon Corrie (2018 | VIC) – The Leslie (Les) J. Fleming Churchill Fellowship to undertake expert training in pre-clinical evaluation of implantable sensors for cancer diagnostics – USA

Catherine Cosgrave (2018 | VIC) – The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate new approaches to strengthen social connection of newly-arrived health workers in rural Australia – Canada

Kerryn Ernst (2018 | ACT) – To develop a model of care for nursing patients in Australia with a diagnosis of breast cancer – USA, Canada

Meredith Frearson (2018 | SA) – To improve women’s sexual and reproductive health by optimising Intrauterine Device (IUD) usage – Sweden, UK, USA

Robert George (2017 | NSW) – To investigate keystone antimicrobial resistance surveillance initiatives of benefit to Australia – Switzerland, Sweden, UK, USA

Emily He (2017 | NSW) – The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to improve the effectiveness of bowel cancer screening in Australia using next generation testing – USA, UK

Li Li (2017 | QLD) – To develop a novel imaging-guided precision medicine for glioblastoma multiforme – China

Debbie Long (2018 | QLD) – To explore international PICU long term outcome services and practical management strategies – USA, Canada

James O’Brien (2017 | VIC) – The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to research new content and electronic delivery of training for Prader-Willi Syndrome for city, regional and remote communities – USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, India

Margaret O’Connor (2018 | VIC) – The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to investigate palliative care and voluntary assisted dying – Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada

Jennifer Roy (2018 | QLD) – The Dr Lena Elizabeth McEwan and Dame Joyce Daws Churchill Fellowship to learn new techniques in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – USA

Catherine Swetenham (2017 | SA) – To successfully implement an End of Life care strategy for South Australia – UK, Ireland, Canada

Leigh Waddell (2017 | NSW) – To learn the latest genomic analytical tools for genetic diagnosis of rare neuromuscular disorders – USA

Deborah West (2017 | WA) – To explore aphasia therapies which optimise communication from hospital to home post stroke – USA, Finland, Denmark, Iceland

Lara Wieland (2017 | QLD) – The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to learn and apply lessons on how to recruit, retain and care for health professionals in rural health – Canada


Amy Jarvis (2018 | ACT) – To advance the celebration and conservation of the mid-century modern heritage of Canberra – USA

Amanda Pagliarino (2018 | QLD) – To develop sustainable collection environment guidelines for Australian cultural organisations – USA, Singapore, China


Belinda Hazell (2018 | TAS) – The Hort Innovation Australia Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of horticultural QA standards to stay ahead of social license demands – New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Netherlands

Thomas Forrest (2018 | VIC) – To enhance the standard of medical cannabis cultivation in Australian licensed facilities – Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark, Israel


Julie Blake (2017 | SA) – To investigate successful resident participation strategies in neighbourhood renewal of public housing – UK, Ireland

Samantha Evans (2018 | QLD) – To investigate how shared equity can become a mainstream solution to housing affordability in Australia – UK, USA


Marina Brizar (2018 | NSW) – To foster positive impacts of migration by bridging the gap between humanitarian/ skilled visa pathways – Jordan, Lebanon, UK, Germany, Canada, USA

Stephanie Cousins (2017 | NSW) – To identify safe pathways for refugees and asylum seekers – Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada

Talia Stump (2018 | NSW) – To investigate strategies to support the secondary migration of refugees to regional and rural towns – Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden


Patricia Adjei (2018 | NSW) – To investigate the protection of Indigenous cultural rights in Panama and the United States – Panama, USA, Switzerland 

Scott Falconer (2017 | VIC) – The Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to create close partnerships with and jobs for traditional owners in fire and land management – USA, Canada

Farhana Laffernis (2018 | NSW) – To identify best practice for university careers services to support Indigenous students – Canada

Kathryn Morton (2017 | QLD) – To investigate and design new, innovative approaches to grow and market Indigenous tourism experiences – USA, Canada, New Zealand

Penelope Mules (2017 | NT) – The John Hartley Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways to increase employment of Indigenous women as rangers – India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya


Josephine Cruickshank (2017 | NT) – To investigate successful cycling policies and programs in regional centres and smaller cities – UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, France, Norway


Kavita Bedford (2017 | NSW) – To combat violent extremism by exploring international ‘alternative narrative’ approaches – Germany, Belgium, UK, Turkey, Greece

Law and Justice

Aimee Cooper (2018 | VIC) – To establish best practice for a regulatory framework to create equality through discrimination law – Sweden, UK, USA, Canada

Paul Dore (2018 | VIC) – To develop a systemic approach to juror support programs in Australia – Canada, USA, UK

Andreea Lachsz (2018 | NT) – To investigate overseas practices of monitoring places of detention – Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Switzerland

Julie Morrison (2018 | VIC) – To study the use of dogs in court supporting vulnerable victims and witnesses giving evidence – USA, Canada

Clement Ng (2016 | NT) – To study mental health courts and other justice responses to youth with mental health issues – Canada, USA, New Zealand

Carolyn Nixon (2017 | NSW) – To research new, practical methods to fight law enforcement corruption by organised crime – Hong Kong, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Jorgen Gullestrup (2017 | QLD) – To investigate and understand approaches to workplace suicide prevention and mental health globally – Switzerland, Denmark, France, Sweden, UK, USA, New Zealand

Tessa Neilson (2018 | NSW) – To investigate the mental health support resources available to young adult cancer patients – USA


Stephen Poropat (2017 | VIC) – To explore the impact of continental drift and climate change on Southern Hemisphere dinosaur faunas – Argentina


Samuel Halliday (2018 | TAS) – To investigate variances of international approaches to the regulation of medical cannabis – USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Israel

Angela Rintoul (2018 | VIC) – To investigate international lessons for public health policy and improved regulation of gambling – France, UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland


Jeremy Baldwin (2017 | QLD) – To explore next generation cell processing techniques to advance Australian cell based therapeutics – Germany

Jamie Seymour (2016 | QLD) – The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to increase the knowledge of rearing Box and Irukandji jellyfish in captivity – USA, Japan


Gabrielle Kuiper (2017 | NSW) – To investigate the regulation of clean, smart, customer-centric energy networks – USA, UK, Belgium, France, Germany

Bradford Mashman (2018 | TAS) – To investigate innovative European waste reduction models for dissemination in Tasmania – Belgium, Sweden, UK

Stuart Smith (2018 | WA) – To identify leading global practice in offshore renewable regulation for adoption in Australia – UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark

Eric Vanweydeveld (2018 | NT) – To investigate proven low-cost innovative water treatment solutions for regional & remote Australia – United Arab Emirates, Oman, Israel


Barry Russell (2017 | NT) – The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to undertake a re-evaluation of F.L Castelnau’s type-specimens of Australian fishes in the Museum National D’Histoire Naturelle – France, Belgium, UK


Marlene Kranz (2017 | NT) – To research eco leather, sustainable design and further develop the ‘Art of Shoemaking’ – Netherlands, UK, Spain, Italy

Kip Mcintyre (2016 | QLD) – The James Love Churchill Fellowship to research and master the rare craft of traditional restoration in coach-building and panel beating – Italy, UK, USA

Andrew Simpson (2018 | NSW) – The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to gain knowledge of glass mold making for art, craft and industrial production – Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Finland

Paul Tunzi (2017 | WA) – To investigate advanced conservation techniques and the maintenance of historical keyboard instruments – UK, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium


Michael Holmes (2018 | NSW) – The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to investigate best practices to improve heavy vehicle safety in urban environments – UK, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, USA

Virtual Reality

Jessie Hughes (2018 | QLD) – The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate best practices for virtual reality storytelling as a tool for social impact – Canada, USA, Germany, New Zealand

Youth and Welfare

Jon Haines (2017 | WA) – To investigate global best practice character development strategies for adolescent males – Canada, USA, UK

Kelly Thompson (2018 | WA) – To examine care frameworks, stay duration and transition plans for children requiring Secure Care – New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Sweden

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