Inspiring future generations to reach for the stars

05 May 2023

Inspiring future generations to reach for the stars featured image

Tonight Friday May 5th, and Saturday, May 6th, Australians will have the opportunity to witness the Eta Aquariids meteor shower, a spectacular celestial event reminding us of the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe.

As we look to the stars, we celebrate the contributions of Churchill Fellows in advancing the study of space, space exploration, and Australia’s outer space capabilities. Among them are Scott Sleap, Ben Newsome, Jennie Young, Thomas Smith, and Camilla Humphries.

Scott Sleap, Churchill Fellow from New South Wales, has just returned from on his Fellowship in the United States, with the goal of inspiring young people to pursue careers in space and STEM fields.

Ben Newsome contributed to this year’s Australian Virtual Astronaut Challenge, which was based on real scenarios facing NASA’s Artemis and the Australian space industry, and was free for all Australian students in Years 5-10.

Camilla Humphries, a Churchill Fellow from 2020, is currently investigating how to grow plants for space to sustain astronauts on extended missions to the Moon and Mars as part of her PhD studies at the University of Melbourne.

Jenny Young from New South Wales in 2005, traveled to Germany, Norway, and the United States to investigate how to use space and aerospace technology to inspire young students to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Thomas Smith, a Churchill Fellow, traveled to the United States to explore all aspects of aerospace medicine, including aviation and space medicine, as an Aerospace Medicine Resident at NASA.

Adam Davey, CEO of the Winston Churchill Trust said: “These Churchill Fellows have made important contributions to the field of space and STEM education, exploration and education, and their work is more relevant now than ever before.”

As Australians witness the Eta Aquariids meteor shower this week, we are reminded of the importance of continuing to support and encourage future generations to explore and learn about the mysteries of the universe.

 For nearly 60 years, the Winston Churchill Trust has flown talented Australians around the globe to pursue their passion and bring their knowledge home. Churchill Fellows are people from all walks of life and all sectors; the arts, science, health, agriculture, and beyond. The breadth of topics for Churchill Fellowships are limitless. 

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