Leading the way in policing

06 Nov 2023

Leading the way in policing featured image

We are proud of our Churchill Fellows who are leading the way to strengthen Australian policing and intelligence services.

This week, three of our exceptional Churchill Fellows Glen Blackwell (WA,  2020), David Cowan (VIC, 2020) and Helen Glazebrook (QLD, 2020) will take the stage at the Australian and New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency’s #PC23 event in Melbourne, hosted by Police Commissioners from across Australia and New Zealand.

Together, they will share their world-class knowledge and expertise in policing and police training, made possible by the support of their Winston Churchill Fellowships.

Helen Glazebrook will share her learnings on international best practices in corrections intelligence methodologies.

Glenn Blackwell will focus on his findings from overseas establishing diversionary practices for mentally and intellectually disabled individuals in police encounters.

David Cowan from Victoria will share learnings about the development of evidence-based policing across police agencies worldwide.

We’re excited as our Fellows continue to lead and shape the future of policing in Australia and New Zealand.

Thinking of applying for a Churchill Fellowship? Applications open again 1 March 2024.

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