Learning abroad to improve policing in Australia

12 Oct 2023

Learning abroad to improve policing in Australia featured image

Meet Sam Norman, one of our newest Churchill Fellowship recipients with over 20 years’ experience as a Detective Sergeant.

It’s normally a small group of repeat offenders that drive most crime. Traditionally, Corrections manage them, and police intervene only after new crimes occur.

With a growing public demand for prevention over reaction, police are seeking ways to engage with offenders before they reoffend.

In the UK, a unique approach exists – Integrated Offender Management (IOM), where teams from Police, Corrections, Mental Health, and Housing work together seamlessly.

Sam is on his way to the UK and the USA to learn from the best and bring these practices back to Australian policing.

Don’t miss Sam’s insightful interview on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio Canberra Mornings with Lish Fejer starting at 1hr 36mins. 

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