Message from the Board of Directors - resignation of Trust CEO

24 Oct 2023

Message from the Board of Directors - resignation of Trust CEO featured image

National Chair of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, David Trebeck, has announced that CEO, Adam Davey, will be departing the organisation at the end of the year.

“While it is a matter of great regret that Adam has decided, after 7 years in the role, to pursue a new challenge, he nevertheless has the complete understanding of the Board and its very best wishes for the future,

“Adam joined the Trust in 2016, succeeding Paul Tys. During his tenure, he has overseen numerous improvements to the Trust’s operations, from:

  • digital transformation of the Trust’s administration and operations,
  • strengthening online communications throughout the alumni of Churchill Fellows,
  • forging new partnerships and sponsorship arrangements, with a focus on impact,
  • growing opportunities for post-Fellowship development,
  • deepening relationships with our kindred organisations in the United Kingdom and New Zealand,
  • and many more.

“Just a couple of weeks ago, he convened the first face-to-face induction session for all 2023 Churchill Fellows, an event that has drawn wide praise and positive feedback. And last weekend he was an active participant at the Trust’s biennial Convention in Adelaide,

“Adam recently described his role as ‘the best job in the country,’

“However, nothing is forever, and the Trust will now focus on recruiting a suitable high calibre successor to Adam who is able to maintain the momentum of recent years,

“The recruitment process has now commenced, and advertisements will appear shortly in relevant media outlets,

“During any inter-regnum period, the Trust’s Chief Finance Officer, Sally Campbell, will act in the CEO role,

“The Trust is fortunate in having an outstanding staff who will ensure there is minimal disruption during the changeover period,

“An opportunity to recognise Adam’s contribution to the Trust more appropriately will occur next year.” said David.

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