Mickey unveils global insights into gourmet mushrooms

24 Jan 2024

Mickey unveils global insights into gourmet mushrooms featured image

Meet Mickey Pascoe, Churchill Fellow and co-founder of Little Acre Gourmet Mushrooms in Brisbane. Mickey had the incredible opportunity to travel across Japan, Europe, and the United States, diving into the nuances of gourmet mushroom cultivation.

In Japan, Mickey went to Sal International, a hub that disseminates Japanese mushroom cultivation knowledge globally. He explored farms like Suono, with meticulous production of shiitake mushrooms.

Europe showcased advanced technologies and practices in both agaricus and gourmet mushroom production. His journey took him through various countries, witnessing the integration of traditional and modern methods.

The United States, a leader in the gourmet mushroom scene, demonstrated a thriving network of smaller growers. Mickey delved into fresh mushroom production, growing supplies, and spawn production, gaining valuable knowledge that will shape the future of our industry.

Back in Australia, Little Acre has evolved from being a fresh mushroom farm to a hub of education and support for those interested in growing their own Gourmet mushrooms at home.

Mickey’s commitment to the mushroom revolution is fuelled by the belief that Gourmet mushrooms offer not just culinary delights but also incredible health benefits.
Check out Mickey in his new video report to find out more about the incredible potential of gourmet mushrooms, and contribute to the growth of a vibrant and sustainable industry in Australia.

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