New approaches to combat crime and safeguard communities

03 May 2023

New approaches to combat crime and safeguard communities featured image

Helen Glazebrook, a seasoned criminal intelligence professional, is today presenting her new Churchill Fellowship report on international best practice in corrections intelligence methodologies to senior officials in corrective intelligence.

Helen travelled to the USA, UK, NZ and Canada, where she investigated international advancements in corrections intelligence.

“I congratulate Helen on her report, and am pleased to see her international Churchill Fellowship findings already being recognised by senior ranks of the corrections intelligence community.” said Adam Davey, CEO of the Winston Churchill Trust.

Helen’s report presents lessons learned from international jurisdictions, and proposes strategies for enhancing information sharing relationships between Australian state and federal law enforcement and national security partners with Queensland Corrective Services and all Australian correctional jurisdictions.

Helen is presenting her new report at the Corrective Services Administrators Council meeting. The Council comprises heads of all corrective services in Australia and New Zealand, convening in Townsville in early May.

“My report highlights a number of findings, including lifetime monitoring of serious offenders, inclusion of correctional intelligence in joint taskforce constructs, enhanced opportunities for human source management, digital forensic solutions, data analytics and surveillance technology.” said Helen.

She has also highlighted learnings for management of intelligence from radicalized prisoners, debrief and disassociation programs, national strategies for drugs and security threat groups, and strengthening relationships between correctional and law enforcement and national security agencies.

“I am passionate about developing law enforcement and corrections intelligence to support the disruption of crime, decrease recidivism and protect vulnerable members of the community that continue to fall victim to domestic and family violence.”

“Collaboration between correctional and law enforcement agencies is crucial for achieving these goals.” said Helen.

Helen is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers and the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts. She holds a Bachelor of Justice Studies from Queensland University of Technology and has contributed to industry conferences and represented various agencies on a number of Australian Government committees.

Read Helen’s report.

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