South Australian investigates innovative techniques to outlaw Motorcycle gangs

09 Nov 2022

Kylee von Ohle report cover featured image

Kylee von Ohle, a Detective Sergeant within the South Australian Police recently headed to the United States of America to collect information on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and to research innovative investigative techniques used by other Law Enforcement Agencies.

Kylee was awarded the Donald Mackay Winston Churchill Fellowship back in 2020, and undertook her travels to six States across the USA in early 2022 following the COVID-19 disruption to international travel. She has gained insight into current trends in gang activity and expanded her network internationally, which is essential for the global policing of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

“I have witnessed the impact of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang activity on the community and their families so am currently developing an educational training package to educate the community on the risks associated with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs,” Ms von Ohle said. “These gangs continue to operate in South Australia despite the State having strong legislation and enforcement authorities, so innovative strategies are required to counter their evolving nature.”

“I am also using my Churchill Fellowship to provide an invaluable network between the South Australia Police and overseas Law Enforcement Agencies,” said Ms von Ohle. “I also want to enhance the capabilities of the South Australia Police to provide experiential evidence relative to Gang cultures and have heard from a raft of experts who have been investigating Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in the United State of America.”

Adam Davey, CEO of the Winston Churchill Trust congratulated Kylee on her Fellowship and publication of her report. “We recognise Kylee’s passion about creating and fostering a community where every individual feels safe, and can positively contribute to society.”

“Kylee’s report is now being translated into a training package for law enforcement as well as an education program to inform the community of the risks associated with gangs,” added Mr Davey.

Kylee von Ohle believes her project provided her with a unique insight into the techniques used by overseas law enforcement and she wants her training program to disrupt, disable and dismantle gangs in order to protect the community.

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