Time travel awaits - join the ACT Heritage Festival to explore the region's rich history

30 Mar 2023

Time travel awaits - join the ACT Heritage Festival to explore the region's rich history featured image

Amy Jarvis, Churchill Fellow and heritage and engagement expert, celebrated the launch of the 40th ACT Heritage Festival 2023. Starting in just over a week, 160 exhibits will offer journeys through the region’s past, with topics ranging from the stars, spies, to trees, cows and more, running 11-30 April.

More than 160 exhibits include: a Milky Way photography course, Lambrigg Homestead open day, Duntroon Dairy open day, celebration of Female Spies in the Capital, as well as a cycling challenge, and tree education sessions.

Amy was pleased to speak at the launch of the ACT Heritage Festival, saying: “The first nations people of Australia have been sharing stories for millennia – and their stories have shaped us as individuals, as communities and as a nation.”

“When the theme ‘Sharing Stories’ was announced last year, my first thought was how incredibly broad it was. But in being broad, it is also incredibly inclusive as everyone has stories to share.”

“It was stories that brought me to study and work in heritage, and it is stories that sustain me here. Stories are important vehicles in connecting people and place.”

“For many of us here today, myself included, we have a rare privilege in our work to be able to collect stories. Our documentation and preservation of stories allows for their tangibility, and longevity, which is why museums, collections, oral histories, biographies, interpretive materials, and the many other forms of recording and sharing stories are so important.” said Amy.

Mr Davey, CEO of the Churchill Trust was pleased to see Churchill Fellows like Amy continuing to take the lead on their chosen path of passion.

“I am pleased Amy was invited to speak at the ACT Heritage Festival launch, which is in line with her Fellowship topic. It is a fantastic community event, and critical to heritage and conservation in our region.” said Mr Davey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore, learn, and share stories at the Canberra and Region Heritage Festival. Full program of the ACT Heritage Festival.

Thinking of becoming a Churchill Fellow? Applications are now open, and close 1 May 2023 5.00pm AEST. Visit www.churchillfellowships.com.au

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