Tips to complete your application on time

25 Apr 2019

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With the closing date to apply for a 2019 Churchill Fellowship fast approaching, we would like to provide you with some advice to make your journey to the finish of the application phase as easy and comfortable as possible!

A must read for ALL applicants, it provides the guidelines to apply, details the assessment and selection process and the steps required to complete the online form.

Make your References a Priority

References are one of the most important components of your application. If you are starting your application now you should identify your referees as soon as possible.

You need to obtain one personal reference and one project reference and you need these lodged within your application well before 5:00pm AEST Tuesday 30 April 2019 so that you can lodge your application on time.

To request a reference within the online application form, just go to sections 11 and 12 and enter the email address and/or mobile number of the relevant referee and click send. The referee will be able to click the link in the email or SMS to complete the form and lodge it within your application.

You will receive an email notifying you as soon as the system receives the completed reference form. Please contact your referees to make sure they have received your request. If they haven’t received your request email [email protected].

Your Itinerary

We do not expect you to have your itinerary locked in at this stage of the application process, however, we do need you to include all of the countries you wish to travel to including the main cities within each country. Also include a few of the main organisations/institutions you wish to visit in each country with an explanation as to why eg. observation, meeting, interview etc.

Try to put your itinerary in the order you would travel it but there is always flexibility in reordering your travel if you are awarded a Churchill Fellowship. Visit the DFAT website as countries marked with a “reconsider your need to travel” or “do not travel” should not be included in your itinerary.

Please note that you can take countries out of the itinerary but you cannot add destinations after you have lodged your application.

You DO NOT have to obtain quotes for travel, accommodation or incidentals. If you are awarded a Fellowship we will cost your Fellowship for you based on current exchange rates.

Conferences and Courses (Fee Request)

You can make a request for fees to cover attendance at a course or conference on your Fellowship. If your fee request totals more than 1000 AUD you will need to upload relevant paperwork eg. brochure, flyer, event program containing cost details. If information is not available for the 2020/2021 offering please include documentation for the most recent offering and add 10-15% to the fee. Ensure the course/conference directly relates to your project.

We cannot fund fee requests for translation or transcription services. If you are awarded a Fellowship you would need to fund these yourself, however, many organisations (upon request)will offer these services at no cost.

Lodgement Deadline

Online applications close on Tuesday 30 April 2019 5.00PM AEST. Check what time 5:00PM AEST equates to in your State/Territory.  IMPORTANT When your application is 99% complete you need to click the lodge button to officially submit your application. You will then receive an automated email to confirm that it has been received by the Churchill Trust.


Please contact the Churchill Trust if you have an enquiry or need any assistance on freecall 1800 777 231 (landline) or 02 6247 8333 alternatively please email [email protected]

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