World Water Day 2023 - new report

22 Mar 2023

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World Water Day on 22 March 2023 is marked by the release of Dr Madeleine Hartley’s recent Churchill Fellowship report, Water Law for Equity in a Changing Climate. The report documents the experiences, insights, challenges, and opportunities facing water resources in England, Chile, California, Washington, Colorado, and Nevada, based on Dr Hartley’s 8 week travelling Fellowship between October and December 2022.

Water Law for Equity in a Changing Climate examines water law frameworks for

  • climate change and drought preparedness,
  • water markets and water equity,
  • indigenous rights and access to water, and
  • water efficiency, conservation, education, and politics.

Her report details the opportunities for NSW and Australia arising from the experiences of the international jurisdictions, and presents framework recommendations to address the challenges of climate change impacts to water resources. These include:

  • integrating water resource frameworks with broader climate frameworks,
  • preparing drought contingency and mitigating plans in advance of drought conditions,
  • increasing water market transparency,
  • progressing water re-use projects,
  • promoting the message of water efficiency and recycling, and
  • improving the politics of water.

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