NSW Churchill Fellows Medallion Dinner 2024

The story of your medallion

Completing a Fellowship report is a significant achievement. For many years the Trust presented Fellows with a formal certificate to commemorate publishing their report. In 2000, the certificates were replaced with a new Churchill Fellowship medallion – and we were fortunate to have the skill and expertise within our network to design it for us.

Wojciech Pietranik (ACT, 1992) is an artist and sculptor known for his masterful production of coins, medals and medallions. When Wojciech was awarded his Churchill Fellowship he was working as a professional designer at the Royal Australian Mint. His work has appeared on many Australian commemorative medals and coins, including the medals he designed for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Wojciech, along with friend and former Royal Australian Mint colleague Stan Tokarski, designed and produced the Churchill Fellowship medallions that have now been presented to over 2,100 Fellows. Each Fellow’s name and year of award is engraved on the rim of the medallion – a fitting way to officially commemorate your Fellowship experience.

We are looking forward to acknowledging this significant achievement with you.

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