2022 Education Chat and Panel Discussion, via ZOOM, on Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 7.30pm

30 Mar 2022

2022 Education Chat and Panel Discussion, via ZOOM, on Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 7.30pm featured image

Education Today

PANELISTS :  Ben Newsome CF2013,   Helen Lochhead CF2010,   Dr Sue Sumskis CF2007  and   Sandra Killick CF2000

As a panel, Ben, Helen, Sue and Sandra  are well equipped to highlight wide range of pressing issues facing education today.  Especially in the light of their experience of the Pandemic.

Attendance is not restricted to Fellows, so please feel free to pass on an invitation to any friends or colleagues who may have an interest in attending especially to anyone who may be contemplating applying for a Fellowship in the future, whatever their field of interest.

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We certainly hope you can join us.

About our Panel

Ben Newsome CF2013:

Ben and his team at Fizzics Education have been providing online science lessons since 2004. They are also currently working with hundreds of Museums, zoos, aquariums etc. to help them provide virtual tours to students.     More about Ben

Helen Lochhead CF2010: Helen Lochhead

Helen was in a senior university leadership role both before and during the Pandemic.  As a dean of a large interdisciplinary  faculty, Helen was at the coalface dealing with the complexities of the logistics of online teaching encountered by students and staff. A major focus of Helen’s work was the health and wellbeing of all involved.   More about Helen

Dr Sue Sumskis CF2007:

Sue is the Head of Program – Mental Health at the Nan Tien Institute of Higher Education. Sue has developed a contemplative model of online education for use in postgraduate education.  The focus of the model is on student wellbeing whilst learning.  Sue has extensive professional experience in a variety of mental health settings and within tertiary education.   More about Sue

Sandra Killick CF2000:

Sandra has established a social enterprise, Democracy Matters, that built on her Fellowship in 2000 which examined how women and young people could overcome systemic discrimination.  Democracy Matters provides skills-based democracy education to a number of organisations including schools, elected representatives and voter groups.  With the aim that an informed and engaged electorate would help produce a fairer, more inclusive and more caring society.

More About Sandra

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