28 April 2023

Churchill Fellowship Awards Dinner 2023

Cellos Grand Dining Room

Castlereagh Boutique Hotel

169 Castlereagh St Sydney

The story of your medallion

Fellow Wojciech Pietranik (ACT, 1992) is a Polish artist and sculptor known for his masterful production of coins, medals and medallions, particularly the medals that he designed for the 2000 Olympic Games, held in Sydney Australia.

Wojciech, along with friend and former Royal Australian Mint colleague Stan Tokarski, designed and produced the Churchill Fellowship medallions that have now been presented to over 2,100 Fellows. The Fellow’s name and year of award is engraved on the rim of the medallion and is recognised as a fitting conclusion to the official component of the Fellowship experience.

Pictured: Designers and producers of the Churchill Fellowship medallions 1992 Fellow Wojciech Pietranik and Stan Tokarsk.

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