2016 Churchill Fellows

106 talented Australians are now officially confirmed as the 2016 recipients of a Churchill Fellowship:

Australian Capital Territory

Mr Zack Bryers ACT
The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to investigate the "Cure Violence" approach to reducing violence within at-risk communities - USA, Brazil

Dr Lindy Cayzer ACT
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to unlock critical taxonomic information on the Pittosporaceae in overseas herbaria - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, France, UK

Dr Jason Cummings ACT
To explore innovative conservation Trust business models, partnerships, policy settings and community drivers to facilitate the adoption and tailoring of arrangements in Australia - UK

Mr Ian Drayton ACT
To explore the use of creative arts to manage and promote recovery from Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - UK, USA

Ms Megan Gilmour ACT
To investigate education system models for maintaining school connection for seriously sick children - UK, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Canada

Ms Ruth Osborne ACT
To research youth dance programs focused on career pathways, mentorship and creative collaborations – UK

Dr Anthony Walker ACT
The ACT Government David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to establish best practice models for firefighter peer-led workplace health and fitness programs - USA, Netherlands, Italy, UK

Dr Tushara Wickramariyaratne ACT
To investigate models of psychological care for older transgender and gender diverse individuals - USA, Canada, Netherlands


New South Wales

Ms Lauren Booker NSW
To identify two un-repatriated human remains and index overseas archived Indigenous cultural material - UK, USA

Ms Jessica Cocks NSW
To research innovative parent /family inclusion and partnership approaches in child welfare - USA, Canada, Norway, UK 

Mrs Kate Cole NSW
To investigate best practice to prevent illness and disease in tunnel construction workers - Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA

Mr Andrew Doyle NSW
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to learn how to make 18th Century clarinets for Australian clarinetists - UK

Ms Lucinda Freeman NSW
To gain a strong evidence base for counselling patients about whole genome testing - USA, UK

Ms Margy Green NSW
To research the benefits of engaging with families and carers of patients in a high secure forensic hospital - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Denmark

Miss Jane Hall NSW
To improve Australia’s capacity to manage wildlife disease incidents - South Africa, UK, Canada, USA 

Mr Rod Hannifey NSW
The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to improve heavy vehicle road safety in Australia by researching best practice in other countries - UK, USA, Canada 

Mr Peter Havrlant NSW
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to identify production systems and carcass specifications to maximise value of male dairy calves - USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand

Ms Avisa Jamshidi NSW
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to improve the legislative framework within which money laundering matters are prosecuted - Italy, France, UK, Ireland, USA

Mr Jed Long NSW
The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to research bamboo construction and treatment methods to develop Australia's bamboo industry - Indonesia, Colombia, Netherlands

Mr Brian Moir NSW
To ensure security guards possess the competencies to respond to violent and anti-social behaviour - USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy

Ms Nicole Nathan NSW
The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to identify effective strategies to support the implementation of physical activity programs in schools - USA, Canada

Dr Natasha Perry NSW
To determine effective treatment programs for young people with complex substance use problems - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Austria, Norway

Ms Isabelle Reinecke NSW
To learn from international models that enable people to create systemic change through the courts - UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Canada, USA

Mr Mark Robertson NSW
The Churchill Fellows' Association of New South Wales Churchill Fellowship to research how other organisations globally work with at-risk and street youth as a hip-hop school - USA, UK, South Africa

Ms Jo Saccomani NSW
To explore new, effective ways to extend carpentry and woodworking skills to women and children - USA, Canada 

Ms Gemma Slack-Smith NSW 
To investigate early intervention services for Aboriginal children - Canada, USA, New Zealand

Dr Helen Smith NSW
To assist more people access, explore and enjoy natural places in Australia - Canada, UK, Germany, Austria

Mrs Desilee Tait NSW
To research and deliver a direct and positive impact on high potential students across Australia - USA, Singapore

Miss Laura Vidal NSW
To develop innovative and best practice solutions to addressing forced marriage in Australia - Denmark, USA, Kenya, Canada, Sri Lanka, UK

Dr Margaret Wallen NSW
To harness the expertise of international research centres respected for their partnership with consumers and apply the learnings to Cerebral Palsy research in Australia - Canada, USA, Netherlands, UK

Dr Caitlin Weston NSW
To explore strategies that improve doctors' wellbeing, optimising their mental health and productivity - USA, Canada, Belgium

Ms Stephanie Wicks NSW
The Dr Lena Elizabeth McEwan and Dame Joyce Daws Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies utilised by burns units to optimise therapy for regional patients - France, Spain, USA 

Miss Stephanie Woerde NSW
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to inspire best practice in the design/implementation of Language Nest-style programs in Australia - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Ms Rachel Wotton NSW
To review training programs for sex workers providing services to clients with disability - UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark


Norfolk Island

Mr Damien Snell NFI
To learn the traditional arts and language once practiced on Norfolk Island - Pitcairn Island, Tahiti


Northern Territory

Ms Johanna Bell NT
To investigate methods that use personal storytelling to empower participants and strengthen communities - USA

Ms Phoebe Dixon NT
To investigate how trauma-informed practices can support social, emotional and academic development - New Zealand, USA, Canada 

Mr Clement Ng NT
To study mental health courts and other justice responses to youth with mental health issues - Canada, USA, New Zealand

Ms Jane Tonkin NT
To explore innovative examples of arts complementing education and inspiring engagement with learning - Finland, UK, South Africa'

Mr Ben Wall NT
To learn traditional and modern production/processing techniques of dates and their by-products - Israel, Morocco



A/Sergeant Ben Bjarnesen QLD
To enhance police response to LGBTI domestic violence - UK, Ireland, Canada, USA

Ms Toni Craig QLD
To Identify world class strategies to improve outcomes for children at risk of offending - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Canada 

Mr Justin Francis QLD
To analyse modern methods of evacuation from high-rise buildings and large structures - USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, UK, United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, Singapore

Dr Robyn Grote QLD
The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to study methods for optimising adult physical rehabilitation using 3-dimensional motion analysis in Specialist Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care Centre - USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands

Dr Melanie Jansen QLD
To enrich and inform development of paediatric clinical ethics services in Australia - Italy, UK, USA

Mrs Michelle Johnston QLD
To expand the understanding of marine reptile fossils of Queensland and enhance outback palaeo-tourism - Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Colombia, Ecuador

Dr Melissa Latter QLD
To establish a premier training and manufacturing site in translational radiopharmaceutical science - UK, Germany, Finland

Mr Cameron Matthews QLD
To research and develop improved sustainability practices for high-end restaurants and food outlets - Spain, USA, Denmark, UK

Mr Kai Mcintyre QLD
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to research and master the rare craft of traditional restoration in coach-building and panel beating - Italy, UK, USA

Mrs Lisa Penrose-Herbert QLD
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to explore models of integrated primary health care to improve Indigenous eye health - USA, Canada 

Mr Michael Power QLD
The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to research innovations for improving the lives of victims of serious violence committed by people with a mental illness - USA, Canada, UK

Miss Jacqui Richards QLD
To investigate the application of detection dog programs within the conservation sector - New Zealand, USA, UK

Associate Professor Jamie Seymour QLD
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to increase the knowledge of rearing Box and Irukandji jellyfish in captivity - USA

Mr Kelvin Slade QLD
The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to research legionella training and implement a course to educate plumbers on infrastructure treatment - USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Singapore

Mr Ben Tolliday QLD
To undertake professional development in the field of film score recording and mixing - USA, UK

South Australia

Mrs Lainie Anderson SA
To research the story of how pioneering South Australians won the 1919 Britain-Australia Air Race - USA, UK, France, Italy, Greece, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia

Ms Jennifer Cottrell SA
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative rheumatic heart disease prevention strategies and apply them to Australia - New Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, Kenya, Fiji

Mr Stewart Dodd SA
To examine police methods to achieve a successful prosecution of domestic violence offenders - Canada, USA 

Dr Kylie Johnston SA
To learn new methods to manage chronic breathlessness using non-drug interventions - UK, Canada, USA

Miss Louise Kelly SA
To research initiatives for reducing recidivism of (ex)offenders through supported reintegration and rehabilitation - Singapore, UK, Canada, USA

Miss Deanna Lush SA
To investigate communication, education and engagement methods to improve understanding of agriculture - Canada, USA, UK

Mr William Rayner SA
The Churchill Fellows' Association of South Australia Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative finance structures for Australian family farmers - USA, Canada, China

Ms Lara Torr SA
To explore creative and pioneering disability access initiatives in the museum sector - UK, Spain, USA, Finland, Canada



Ms Lauren Black TAS
To investigate how art stimulates engagement with medical, botanical and historical collections - UK, France, Italy

Ms Catherine Doherty TAS
The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate cost effective interventions to improve literacy outcomes of primary aged children - USA, UK, Ireland

Mr Adam James TAS
To study both age old and key new techniques in vegetable and legume fermentation - China, Korea, Japan, France, Italy, USA

Mr Michael Small TAS
The Rodney Warmington Churchill Fellowship to identify the most effective ways to ensure buildings are accessible to people with disability - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland

Mr Edrei Stanton TAS
To gain knowledge of historical and current cast stone technology - UK, Italy, USA



Ms Jennifer Beveridge VIC
To explore how innovation and collaboration can improve outcomes for people with eating disorders - Canada, USA, UK, Sweden 

Mr Paul Boys VIC
To evaluate international models for the facilitation of trades based learning in a secondary school environment - Canada, USA

Ms Julie Buxton VIC
To explore truth and reconciliation models to acknowledge cultural rights of Indigenous Australians - East Timor, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada 

Dr Doseena Fergie VIC
To network, share and exchange knowledge with other Elders from Indigenous Nations around the world - Finland, UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand

Mr John Gaffney VIC
To research the effects of vehicle lane changing on freeway capacity and road safety - Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece

Ms Nicola Gunn VIC
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to research socially engaged and site-specific practices in contemporary performance - Austria, UK, USA

Mr Martin HarmeVIC
To ensure Australian farmers can make informed, risk and profit optimising pasture variety choices - UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Argentina, Uruguay

Ms Taryn Lane VIC
To transition regional Australian towns to 100% renewable energy by learning from European examples - Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, UK

Dr Bryan Leaw VIC
The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to ascertain if amnion cells be used as a treatment for cerebral palsy - USA

Ms Carly McDermott VIC
To explore animal therapeutics in the rehabilitation of youth in the juvenile justice system - Germany, UK, USA 

Mr Fergus McTaggart VIC
To evaluate initiatives to maintain family and cultural connections in Indigenous child protection cases - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Denmark 

Dr Prue Morgan VIC
To gain new knowledge regarding optimising physical function in adults ageing with cerebral palsy - Norway, Netherlands, Canada, USA 

Mr Liam O’Keefe VIC
To investigate the management and recycling of waste tyres to identify how we can better use this vast resource in Australia - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Singapore

Ms Lauren Oliver VIC
To improve our ability to nurture the participation, knowledge and potential of vulnerable young people - UK, USA, Nicaragua, India, South Africa

Mr Glenn Owen VIC
To study contemporary policing capabilities with a particular focus on tactical response models - USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

Ms Amanda Pagan VIC
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the success of outcomes-based contracting in disability services - UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden 

Ms Catherine Plunkett VIC
To investigate how multi-agency responses to family violence can generate positive systemic change - UK, USA 

Miss Erin Roche VIC
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to accelerate and strengthen costume design practices in the Australian screen industry - Italy, USA, UK 

Ms Jane Rooney VIC
To investigate contemporary conservative management programs for Anterior Cruciate knee injuries - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, USA

Mr Edward Tudor VIC
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs that support the transition of young Indigenous or disadvantaged people to mainstream education - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Finland 

Mr Kevin White VIC
To increase safety by removing, reducing and mitigating occupational violence in prisons and like facilities - Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Singapore 

Dr Georgina Whiting VIC
To investigate strategies for improving access to primary healthcare services for homeless women - USA, UK, Belgium 

Mr Jeremy Wiggins VIC
To investigate models of health service delivery to transgender and gender diverse populations - UK, Germany, USA, Argentina

Western Australia

Mr Caine Chennatt WA
To investigate inclusion and access programs for people with disabilities to engage with the arts - South Korea, Japan, USA 

Miss Belinda Cook WA
To research the growing global Indigenous fashion industry to support a Kimberley textile industry - USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore

Dr Donna Cross WA
The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to enhance school and family awareness of young children’s developmental needs in online environments - USA

Mrs Fiona Donaldson WA
To evaluate evidence-based resilience and prevention programs for use in emergency services - Canada, USA, UK

Mrs Jessica Gethin WA
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to further develop the creative and directive roles as a conductor through international mentoring - UK, USA

Ms Susan Gontaszewski WA
To investigate the implementation of online prescription monitoring programs - Canada, USA

Ms Sharon Gough WA
The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs for young people leaving care that prevent homelessness - New Zealand, Canada

Mrs Beck Hefferon WA
To investigate the application of physiotherapy to improve rehabilitation, quality of life and patient care after amputation - USA, Sweden, Germany, UK

Ms Cathryn Josif WA
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to improve dementia services for remote dwelling Aboriginal people - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Mr Timothy McLennan WA
To improve independence and access for people with a disability using innovative Assistive Technology - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Switzerland 

Ms Angela O’Connor WA
The Churchill Fellows' Association of Western Australia Churchill Fellowship to establish the first 'Sheway' program for pregnant women with alcohol and other drug use – Canada

Mr Giles Pargin WA
To enhance understanding of Asian triad societies and the influence on Australian illicit drug markets - Hong Kong, Taiwan 

Ms Jane Pedersen WA
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to explore Canadian-based approaches empowering women and children to overcome intergenerational trauma - Canada

Dr Ricki Smith WA
To articulate the benefits of reablement for older people to inform government implementation plans - New Zealand, UK, Denmark 

Dr Kenny Travouillon WA
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to document the diversity of bandicoots and bilbies through time and space - UK, France, Italy, Germany, USA


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