2018 Churchill Fellows

112 talented Australians are now officially confirmed as the 2018 recipients of a Churchill Fellowship!

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2018 Churchill Fellows
2018 Churchill Fellows from left to right Nick Whiterod, Jasmine Jan, Ben Trewren and Jennifer Roy


Australian Capital Territory 

Ms Courtney Brown
To reduce implicit bias errors in Police decision-making, particularly in time-sensitive incidents - UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr Alpha Cheng 
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to prevent the risks and rise of Violent Extremism in Australia - Canada, UK, Norway, Germany, Switzerland

Mrs Kerryn Ernst 
To develop a model of care for nursing patients in Australia with a diagnosis of breast cancer - USA, Canada

Ms Amy Jarvis 
To advance the celebration and conservation of the mid-century modern heritage of Canberra – USA

Ms Ashka Jolly 
To advance the evaluation of pediatric palliative care in the Australian Capital Territory - USA, Sweden

Ms Katrina Marson 
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to research new, practical and effective methods to prevent sexual violence through youth education - Germany, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA

Mr Phil McGilvray 
The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative methods of equipping teenagers with essential financial skills for life - USA, Canada, UK 

New South Wales 

Dr Penelope Abbott
To research access to primary health care for people in contact with the criminal justice system - USA, Canada

Ms Patricia Adjei 
To investigate the protection of Indigenous cultural rights in Panama and the United States - Panama, USA, Switzerland 

Dr Michael Bertoldo 
The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to develop cutting-edge oncofertility options for Australian females – USA

Ms Sonja Braidner 
To improve organisational inclusion and fully leverage the diversity employed in fire agencies - Japan, USA, UK, Iceland, Germany

Miss Marina Brizar 
To foster positive impacts of migration by bridging the gap between humanitarian/ skilled visa pathways - Jordan, UK, Germany, Canada, USA

Mr Daniel Brown  
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to determine effective nutritional management strategies for BCS in intensively housed dairy farms - USA, Saudi Arabia

Ms Morwenna Collett  
To explore inclusive music programs, venues and festivals which actively engage disabled people - USA, UK, Ireland

Ms Thea Deakin-Greenwood
To explore victim-centred restorative justice programs for sexual assault and personal violence - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand

Mr Mark Dobson  
To investigate how organisations can provide purpose and reintegration opportunities for veterans – USA

Ms Jo Higgins 
To investigate different models of informal learning and youth-led engagement in arts organisations - USA, Canada

Mr Michael Holmes  
The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to investigate best practices to improve heavy vehicle safety in urban environments - UK, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg

Ms Natalia Krysiak 
To investigate best practice for designing child-friendly high-density neighbourhoods - Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, UK

Ms Farhana Laffernis  
To identify best practice for university careers services to support Indigenous students - Canada

Ms Joanne Lane 
The Yulgilbar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate appropriate methods for introducing kelp farming aquaculture to Australia - USA, Canada, Norway, UK, Ireland

Dr Cathy Little
The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to research and investigate a best practice inclusive education model for children with Autism - USA, Denmark

Miss Kate Mahony 
To investigate best practice Sports Science and Sports Medicine (SSSM) care of the female athlete - Japan, South Africa, Qatar, Norway, USA

Mr Simon Massey  
The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to transform and streamline strategic capabilities for school infrastructure planning - USA, Sweden

Mrs Louise Murphy 
To examine peer support programs to reduce mental health issues in emergency service volunteers - USA, Canada, UK

Dr Tessa Neilson 
To investigate the mental health support resources available to young adult cancer patients - USA

Dr Jessica Rogers  
To explore language acquisition methodologies for research with diverse and Indigenous students - Canada, Norway, Greece, Spain

Mr Robert Siemsen  
To study and further my understanding in the craft of traditional Coachbuilding - UK

Mr Andrew Simpson 
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to gain knowledge of glass mold making for art, craft and industrial production - Japan, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden

Ms Talia Stump 
To investigate strategies to support the secondary migration of refugees to regional and rural towns - Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden

Ms Samantha Turner 
To determine tangible initiatives and strategies to improve Culturally Diverse Leadership in Australia - USA, UK

Miss Kim Wolfenden 
To investigate cases of human-wildlife conflict to improve coexistence between people and sharks - USA, South Africa

Mr Matthew Wright 
To examine Disaster Victim Registration procedures and policies following an aviation emergency - China, UK, Germany, USA, New Zealand

Norfolk Island

Ms Suzanne Evans

To invigorate the endangered Norfolk Island language through a preschool 'language nest' approach - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Finland

Miss Emilee Nicolai
To investigate agro-tourism opportunities to encourage small farm innovation in isolated areas - France, Italy, UK


Northern Territory

Ms Laura Egan

To investigate the use of venture philanthropy to grow enterprises that foster economic inclusion - USA, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland

Mr Jano Gibson  
To explore the use of virtual reality, augmented reality and 360-degree videos in journalism - USA, UK, France, Switzerland

Mr Matthew Holt 
To observe successful methods of music education in schools and communities in North America - Canada, USA

Ms Jasmine Jan 
To connect and inspire communities through paper sculpture projects that focus on wildlife conservation - Italy, Thailand, Singapore 

Ms Andreea Lachsz 
To investigate overseas practices of monitoring places of detention - Canada, New Zealand, UK

Ms Maida Stewart 
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to examine healthy housing initiatives in the primary prevention of Acute Rheumatic Fever - New Zealand

Mr Eric Vanweydeveld 
To investigate proven low-cost innovative water treatment solutions for regional & remote Australia - United Arab Emirates, Oman, Israel



Mr Peter Castles
To learn the finer points of the English Saddle, Harness and Collar making - UK

Mrs Rachael Cruwys  
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to increase the domestic marketability of Brahman cattle through improved marketing and genetics - USA

Dr Amanda Dawson 
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to access and redistribute world-class microplastic research to enhance Australia's research profile - UK

Ms Zoe Eather 
To accelerate the integration of "Smart Mobility" to enable more liveable Australian communities - USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, UK, South Africa

Dr Ruari Elkington  
To investigate new initiatives connecting student and online video creators in collaborative work - USA, UK

Ms Samantha Evans 
To investigate how shared equity can become a mainstream solution to housing affordability in Australia - UK, USA

Miss Jessie Hughes 
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate best practices for virtual reality storytelling as a tool for social impact - USA

Dr Luke Lloyd-Jones  
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to advance statistical genetics methods via collaboration with the world's best at the Broad Institute - USA

Dr Debbie Long 
To explore international PICU long term outcome services and practical management strategies - USA, Canada,

Mrs Janette Maresca 
To identify successful interventions and policies promoting mental health and wellbeing in schools - USA, UK

Ms Amanda Pagliarino 
To develop sustainable collection environment guidelines for Australian cultural organisations - USA, Singapore, China

Ms Andrea Perry-Petersen  
To increase access to justice with design, multidisciplinary collaboration and digital innovation - Netherlands, Canada, USA

Miss Emily Ragus 
The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre Churchill Fellowship to investigate models for improved aeromedical retrieval standards in international disaster response - USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel

Mr Geoffrey Rowe 
The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to access world's best practice in preventing and responding to Elder Abuse in aged care and the community - UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand

Dr Jennifer Roy
The Dr Lena Elizabeth McEwan and Dame Joyce Daws Churchill Fellowship to learn new techniques in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - USA

Mr Daniel Tobin 
To research benchmark public art to enable Australian artists to deliver best practice outcomes - USA, UK

Mr Gregory Toman
To enhance overall safety to both rescuers and those requiring rescue in remote rescue situations - Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Italy, France

Mrs Lucy Walker  
To bring innovative global pharmacy practices to my rural community and improve services nationally - United Arab Emirates, UK, Ireland, Germany, Canada, USA, New Zealand

Ms Katherine Webber  
The Rodney Warmington Churchill Fellowship to increase accessibility to public toilets by researching taboos, design, policy and legal barriers - Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, Canada


South Australia

Ms Susan Betts

To investigate sites relating to the Seven Sisters star constellation - Canada, Egypt, UK, Ireland

Ms Sarah Brown 
To investigate innovative technology solutions to connect zoo visitors with nature and grow revenue - USA, Netherlands, UK, Singapore

Dr Owen Churches 
To create fairness and accountability in the use of government decision-making algorithms - UK, Belgium, Austria

Dr Meredith Frearson 
To improve women's sexual and reproductive health by optimising Intrauterine Device (IUD) usage - Sweden, UK, USA

Ms Kendra Kotz 
The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to explore inclusive education best-practices to eliminate barriers for students with disabilities - Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway

Ms Simone Slattery 
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to develop new specialised skills in historical violin performance as both performer and educator - Italy, Switzerland, France, Netherlands

Miss Debra Swann  
To research Services for Deaf Survivors around the world and to incorporate it in Australia - USA, UK, France

Mr Ben Trewren
The Terry Lavender Churchill Fellowship to explore opportunities for trail destinations to attract and grow world class 'shared-use' interests - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK

Dr Nick Whiterod  
The Richard Rischbieth Churchill Fellowship to develop world-leading reintroduction strategies for threatened South Australian aquatic species - UK, Portugal, USA


Mrs Julie Dunbabin
The Elvie Munday Churchill Fellowship to investigate factors that enable school lunch programs to impact positively on student health and wellbeing - UK, Netherlands, France, Finland, USA, Japan

Mr Andrew Emery 
To review successful service models of firefighters providing emergency medical care to the community - Ireland, Canada, USA

Mrs Ganga Fraser  
The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to develop effective interventions that improve literacy and numeracy outcomes in Tasmanian schools - UK, Finland, USA, Canada

Mr Samuel Halliday  
To investigate variances of international approaches to the regulation of medical cannabis - USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Israel

Mrs Belinda Hazell 
The HortInnovation Australia Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of horticultural QA standards to stay ahead of social license demands - New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Netherlands

Miss Rebecca Lyons 
To investigate human relationships to death and ceremony through alternate approaches and technologies - UK, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, USA, Mexico

Mr Bradford Mashman Hobart TAS
To investigate innovative European waste reduction models for dissemination in Tasmania - Belgium, Sweden, UK



Mrs Simone Carson
To improve Food Rescue in Australia by examining best practices globally - UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, USA, Canada

Ms Aimee Cooper  
To establish best practice for a regulatory framework to create equality through discrimination law - Sweden, UK, USA

Dr Simon Corrie 
The Leslie (Les) J. Fleming Churchill Fellowship to undertake expert training in pre-clinical evaluation of implantable sensors for cancer diagnostics - USA

Dr Catherine Cosgrave  
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate new approaches to strengthen social connection of newly-arrived health workers in rural Australia - Canada

Mr Timothy Day 
To examine the operating models of international homicide squads to build our national capability - China, Germany, UK, USA, Canada

Mr Paul Dore
To develop a systemic approach to juror support programs in Australia - Canada, USA, UK

Mr Thomas Forrest 
To enhance the standard of medical cannabis cultivation in Australian licensed facilities - Canada, Israel, Netherlands

Mr Mark Goldspink 
To research worldwide practice to inform implementation of Victoria Police Offender Management Project - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland

Dr Alireza Kashani 
The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to acquire the new technology for rapid construction of resilient and low-cost houses by 3D printing - USA, El Salvador, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, China

Dr Niroshini Kennedy 
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate integrated models of care for Aboriginal children in out-of-home care - New Zealand, Canada, USA

Mr David Kidd
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to improve the quality of care of older people in our health system - USA

Ms Grace Lethlean 
To strengthen Australia's digital health companies and industry using international best practice - UK, Germany, Netherlands, Finland

Mr Ryan Messer  
To investigate the use of recycled glass in concrete manufacturing - USA, Canada, Germany, China

Mrs Julie Morrison 
To study the use of dogs in court supporting vulnerable victims and witnesses giving evidence - USA, Canada

Emeritus Professor Margaret O'Connor 
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to investigate palliative care and voluntary assisted dying - Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada

Mr Richard Owen  
To reduce occupational cancer exposures in firefighters through improved initial decontamination - USA, UK, Sweden

Ms Susan Quinn 
To explore how to protect and empower financially marginalised people in big data laws and practices - USA, UK, Belgium

Dr Angela Rintoul
To investigate international lessons for public health policy and improved regulation of gambling - UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland

Councillor Coral Ross  
To improve gender equality in local government by increasing the number of elected women councillors - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Germany

Ms Anne Virgo 
To investigate opportunities for advancing the art form of fine art printmaking - USA, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Italy, Singapore

Mr Kym Whiteoak  
To learn from world's best practice water quality markets and their institutional settings - Germany, Belgium, UK, USA


Western Australia

Dr Misty Blakeman
To develop expertise in neuromuscular rehabilitation care for children - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Denmark

Mrs Karina Chicote 
The WA Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to understand the mechanisms which enable effective cross-sector intervention for vulnerable children - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Ms Emilia Galatis 
To explore viable international commercial opportunities for the growth of WA Aboriginal artist careers - USA, UK, United Arab Emirates, China

Ms Janinne Gliddon  
To undertake consultation with Aboriginal/Indigenous communities on the implementation of a Doula training program for Aboriginal women to provide cultural support to Aboriginal women who are birthing away off country/traditional lands - Canada, USA, New Zealand

Mr Christopher Hill 
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to research the unique creative process and relationship between a choreographer and their composer - UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, USA

Dr Luke Hopper  
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to innovate 3D motion capture methods for dance with leading UK animation studios and research centres - UK

Miss Judith King  
To research how schools can change communities to create students that are ready to thrive and learn - New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada

Mr Griffin Longley  
To explore ways children's unstructured play outdoors is effectively supported in the 'iPad-era' - Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Finland

Dr Manda Page  
To explore, review and document case studies of successful private-public conservation partnerships - USA, Canada, Malawi, Rwanda

Ms Jacqueline Reid  
To investigate how therapeutic intervention for mental health and well-being can be integrated in schools - UK, Finland, USA, Canada

Dr Zoe Richards
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to learn the necessary skills to advance coral biosystematics using a total evidence approach - USA, Japan

Mr Stuart Smith  
To identify leading global practice in offshore renewable regulation for adoption in Australia - UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark

Ms Louise Southalan
To identify strategies for national agencies to improve state prison mental health systems and services - UK, Ireland, Italy, Canada, USA

Dr Kelly Thompson 
To examine care frameworks, stay duration and transition plans for children requiring Secure Care - New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Sweden


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