Post Fellowship Resources

A Churchill Fellowship is an opportunity to travel overseas to investigate inspiring practices that will benefit Australian communities.

A big part of this opportunity is that you make an effort to disseminate your findings when you return from your Fellowship.

This page has been created to share with you any documents, files or links that will help with your dissemination activities and also ways in which, you can engage and stay in touch with the Churchill Trust.


Dissemination Tips and Tools


Dissemination Support

The Churchill Trust has modest funds available to assist Churchill Fellows to increase the awareness of their Churchill Fellowship findings and 'gain traction' to progress their recommendations.

If you have a great idea as to how you could better disseminate your findings but are restricted financially then complete the Dissemination Support Application as we may be able to provide you with some suitable funding.


Creating Impact: 2019 Webinar Series for Churchill Fellows

In partnership with Lumin, we are running a series of webinars in 2019 available to all Churchill Fellows focussing on the theme IMPACT.

These webinars are free and also give you one week of complimentary access to a relevant Lumin course to get you up to speed before the session. 


Professional Coaching for Churchill Fellows

In line with our aim of investing in Fellows to increase their personal success and capacity to implement positive change in their communities, we are pleased to offer professional coaching support to Churchill Fellows. The professional coaches are supplied through our partner organisation Yellow Edge or alternatively through Churchill Fellow Angela Ballard’s Consultancy & Coaching services. 


Churchill Fellows Talent Bank

Here at the Churchill Trust we often get requests for suggestions of Churchill Fellows who would be suitable speakers/experts on various topics. In line with the Trust’s aim of working on ways to further promote our Fellows’ research, we have established a Churchill Fellows Talent Bank.

This Talent Bank is a go-to source for media, conference organisers or other interested parties seeking expertise from our Churchill Fellows talent pool.

Register now to be added to our talented pool of speakers.


Churchill Fellows Facebook Group

This Facebook Group is a place for Churchill Fellows to connect, collaborate and share. Staff from the Churchill Trust will monitor this group’s activity which, means when you share any achievements, milestones, news articles, events with the group we will also be kept up to date with your activities and can help to promote your posts more widely. Access to this group is restricted to Churchill Fellows only following approval from our admins (staff from the Churchill Trust).

Join the Churchill Fellows Australia Facebook Group

The Churchill Fellows Association of SA also have a Facebook group and invite Fellows residing in SA to join.

Post Nominals

Churchill Fellows who have successfully submitted their reports are invited by the Trust to use the designatory letters ‘CF’ as post-nominals after their names as a short-hand way of indicating that they are a Churchill Fellow read more 


Churchill Fellows Communities of Practice

We encourage you to consider establishing a Churchill Fellows Community of Practice in your field to increase the impact of your work to benefit the wider community.

For all enquiries about Churchill Fellows Communities of Practice and how we are able to connect you with other Fellows to support such initiatives please email


Churchill Fellows Associations (CFAs)

The Churchill Fellows Associations (CFAs) are incorporated associations run by a properly constituted management committee for and on behalf of each region's Churchill Fellows.

Throughout the year our CFAs host various functions and activities including:

  • Workplace visits
  • Churchill Chats
  • Annual General Meeting
  • New Fellow Workshops
  • Medallion Dinners
  • New Fellow Dinners

A biennial Churchill Fellows' Convention is held every 2 years in a different State/Territory with all Churchill Fellows encouraged to attend.

At of these functions and activities provide a platform to share the many and varied experiences and achievements of Churchill Fellows from across your State/Territory. You can also meet Churchill Fellows from around Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Your first year’s subscription to your regional CFA is funded by the Churchill Trust and it is highly recommended that you maintain your membership to this invaluable alumni association.


Promotional Resources

- Powerpoint Presentation Template (936.9 KB) - Churchill Trust Logo (jpeg) (415.2 KB) - Churchill Trust Logo (psd) (1.1 MB) - Churchill Trust logo (eps) (1.1 MB) - Churchill Fellowship Sizzle Reel Video - Fellowship Applications Overview Video

For the Trust to achieve its aim of generating greater public awareness among all Australians, it needs publicity. We encourage Fellows to be supportive as possible of the Churchill Trust and to actively publicise the Trust and its Fellowships. To help our Fellows be ambassadors, please find some promotional resources below. Please get in touch if there is something specific you need to help with your promotional activities.

Staying in touch with The Churchill Trust

For enquiries regarding your post Fellowship activities please contact

Rose Clapham 
Fellows Engagement and Development

  • Dissemination support
  • Churchill Fellows Facebook Group
  • Talent Bank
  • Data management
  • Connecting Fellows with other Fellows
  • Churchill Fellows Communities of Practice
  • Global Leadership Practices Program
  • Professional Coaching
  • Webinars

Julia Quantrill 
Marketing Manager

  • Social media
  • Assistance with writing and/or dissemination of media release on return from Fellowship
  • Independent media coverage advice (from Fellow to Churchill Trust)
  • Promotional resources