Dissemination Support Application


A Churchill Fellowship is an opportunity to travel overseas to investigate inspiring practices that will benefit Australian communities.

A major part of this opportunity is that you agree to make an effort to disseminate your findings when you return from your Fellowship.

The Churchill Trust has modest funds available to assist Churchill Fellows to increase the awareness of their Churchill Fellowship findings and 'gain traction' to progress their recommendations.

If you have a great idea as to how you could better disseminate/implement your findings but are restricted financially, please complete the form below and we may be able to make a contribution to the funding you are seeking.

Examples of how this funding can be used:

  • Registration, travel or accommodation costs to attend a conference or meeting in order to share your Fellowship findings
  • Media production including brochure printing, website design, video editing
  • Running an event such as a workshop, roundtable discussion or presentation

This funding is solely offered to support disseminating your findings within Australia and is available to Fellows who have successfully submitted their report.

Please note:

  • As a guide the funding available to each Fellow is for an amount up to and around $1000. We will consider requests for higher amounts, however, you will need to present a strong case.
  • This funding is solely offered to support you to disseminate your findings within Australia.  
  • This funding is available only to Fellows who have successfully submitted their report (if you are struggling to complete your report and would like assistance please contact us directly).
  • Each application is subject to CEO approval.
  • Support is paid on a reimbursement basis into nominated account (following approval).
  • We expect Fellows to provide feedback on how the funding benefited their dissemination activities.
  • We expect you to acknowledge and promote the Churchill Trust as much as possible when disseminating/implementing your Churchill Fellowship findings.

**If you are planning to apply for dissemination support in order to attend/speak at a conference, please contact us first to disccuss. Some conferences offer sponsorship packages which include a number of registrations so we would like to explore this option with you first in case this is more cost effective, as well as a good opportunity to promote Churchill Fellowships more widely.

For all enquiries please contact emma.robertson@churchilltrust.com.au or phone 02 6247 8333.