Dissemination Toolkit

Sharing your report on social media


Post a Tweet letting all of your followers know that your report is now online and share the link with them. To create more space you can shrink the URL using this tool http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url

Be sure to add a meaningful photo so that it will grab peoples’ attention. Include the Twitter handles of any peak bodies or organisations that you would like this to reach.

Pin the Tweet to your profile so it will be the first thing people see when they visit your page.

Use our Twitter handle @ChurchillTrust when sharing anything related to your Fellowship.


Post a status update on Facebook letting all your friends know that your report is now online and share the link with them. Perhaps lead with a question or an interesting thing you learned on your Fellowship to make it more engaging.

Be sure to add a meaningful photo so that it will be more attention-grabbing. Tag friends, peak bodies or organisations who you would like to share this with. Tag us using @ChurchillTrustAU when sharing anything related to your Fellowship.


Follow the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust LinkedIn Company Page and include the @thewinstonchurchillmemorialtrust handle in your posts if you would like to notify us of something you would like us to share.

Add the wording below to the following sections on your LinkedIn page.

Awards and Honours

Title: Churchill Fellowship
Issuer: The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Date: <Year>
Description: Add your own description 


Title: <Insert Title>
Publication/Publisher: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Publication Date: <Month, Year> Publication URL: <URL>
Description: Add your own description 

Let your contacts know all about it by sharing an update on your LinkedIn page that your report is on the website and ready for reading. Encourage sharing, feedback and any interested parties to get in touch with you to discuss.

Post any upcoming speaking engagements, articles, publications etc on your social media channels. 

Tips and ideas for the dissemination of your report

Churchill Fellows are diverse and work in many different spaces. You need to think of the best strategy to ensure your research is shared in the most effective way. Below are some suggestions but of course are not the only methods you can utilise:

  • Ask your employer to share your report within your org, maybe they could do a short interview with you and share this piece on the company web-page

  • Share with your staff through an email or post on your organisation's Intranet

  • Check out government public consultations currently open for submission

  • Submit to various journal platforms – Researchgate, APO etc

  • Check out upcoming conferences relevant to your field and approach them for speaking opportunities and submit abstracts

  • If relevant to your org, prepare a presentation sharing your findings from your Churchill Fellowship

  • If sponsored, share the report with your sponsor and ask if they would like to arrange a meeting for you to go through your research

  • Set up an independent event where you present a talk to interested parties

  • Share report with the contacts you made overseas

  • The Churchill Trust can create a post on Facebook and Twitter about your report

  • Search for upcoming idea sharing platforms such as TEDx for presentation opportunities

  • Organise meetings with interested stakeholders to share research with them

If you would like any additional guidance on how to disseminate your research please get in touch with the Trust by contacting Emma Robertson, Executive Officer, Fellowship Engagement and Development by phone on (02) 6247 8333 or email emma.robertson@churchilltrust.com.au